Nygren Endorses Zinke

In the “Big Surprise” category is a letter from McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren endorsing his protege Andy Zinke.

I am unable to post new images (and there is so much to share) so please go to this County Board candidate Zane Seipler’s article to see Nygren’s letter.

There are other election-related articles as well, if you go down the page.

Nygren Endorsement Letter 3-14-14


Nygren Endorses Zinke — 52 Comments

  1. Double dipping Keith endorses Andy.

    Not that he did anythibg wrobg except beef up his pension adding years of absentee service.

    Andy says he has been running the dept for years.

  2. Still waiting for Jack Franks to come out in the open and make his endorsement! 🙂

    After all, did Nygren and his sidekick not show up as supporters of Franks along with Madigan?

    We really need to work hard to collect money for Steve Reick!

  3. Isn’t that special !

    3 days before the election Nygren finally decides to endorse Andy ?

  4. What can you say, he has been busy eating his over buttered popcorn….

    Hey Keith, did you have to consult with Judge Gordon Graham?

    He makes the best popcorn in the entire court house.

  5. Dunc, Come on Down!

    You are the next contestant on “The Price is Right”.

    “Let’s Make a Deal” for some expensive popcorn.

    You love good popcorn.

  6. Insofar as all of the comments about double dipping, how about the Miller family ‘rippin’ the taxpayers for about half a mil per year?

    I noticed that the Millers also fully support Nygren and his ‘chosen one’.

    Could it have anything to do with the Sheriff substation at the Algonquin Township hall?

    Other than serving papers, what business does the Sheriff have wasting taxpayer dollars on an office next to the Cook County line?

    Maybe Prim will shutdown the Algonquin office to put an end to the Miller connection to the County Sheriff?

    Next, we need a citizen representative to replace the Miller on the County Board.

    One step at a time.

  7. Just like Pyle did for Nygren, sending me Threatening emails, so too has Zinke now started the practice.

    They send emails that are encrypted with a film over them making it hard to copy.

    For the regular joe, you cannot copy and paste them.

    Now if you are smarter than Zinke, that does not take much, trust me, you take your digital camera and photo the entire email thread so that you have it captured before they go back in to your emails and remove the nasty little notes.

    This most recent I just received from the regime wished me DEAD.

    Andrew, I am going to tell you one more time, you are playing with fire son.

    Like Pyle, you too are a snake with all your porn queens, domestic violence calls to the tile line road address in Crystal Lake…

    Oh I know Andrew, the records have all been ‘expunged,’ however a certain deputy who you also hate because he has your number, took the calls.

    Andrew, you are now going to find out what happened to Pyle can indeed happen to you.

    Or was it your lovely wife who you say is so ‘amazing,’ who has sent me the emails under the name of “Davids Pain.”

    I got ya Deputy, your going down.

    PYLE PYLE PYLE style.

    You are no better than he was.

    You are a POS.

    You might win this election, but you won’t be in a position to serve out your term.

    Good citizens of McHenry County, don’t be fooled by the devil in sheep’s clothing.

  8. I don’t understand how this is proper when it is on county stationary using taxpayer money to mail.

    Isn’t that going against all rules of integrity?

    Is this what we pay a sheriff to do?

  9. One POS endorsing another POS.

    Gotta keep that money train flowin’.

    Why work for a living when you can get an elected job for $160k and you don’t even have to come to work or be in the state.

    Voters, stop these assholes- Vote for Bill Prim.

  10. Further folks, if you get any of these police generated emails, go online and purchase an app called, “Snag it”

    This program will “snag” the type of emails I have described in the comment above.

    Snag it will snag those cowards1


  11. Thanks David for the information..

    Teacher155″ The Board of Education needs to review your credentials…

    Scary thought you are a teacher….

    Now, you mix your profession with politics..

    A “Big NO NO” A good reason to remove your license…

    You are breaking the law every time you get on this blog, as “Teacher 155”

    Clearly, you think you are invincible, just like your leader Andy Zinke…..

    Just a matter of time…

    Now get along, and go eat that bowl of popcorn Judge Gordy made for you…

    Don’t Barb Wheeler and Andy Zinke make just the cutest couple?

    Such an interesting relationship they have…

  12. Now those last two comments are Funny!

    I dont care who u are…..

    Git er done!


  13. And you believe that, Frank?

    Why did they use the official seal and the official envelope?

    This has to be joke.

  14. Cindy, the taxpayers didn’t pay for this.

    If you believe that Zinke and Nygren defrauded county government in order to pay for this mailer, file a complaint.

    Just hope you have the money ready to pay up when it is deemed frivolous.

  15. Frank, are you a moron?

    It is not about who paid for paper or postage or whatever.

    It is about using the official MCSO symbol for political purposes.

    It is the same badge that is on the county squads, etc. .

    Nygren once again is using his official capacity as sheriff for political gain.

    Same as he did for failed candidate and failed lawyer Danny Boy.

    He put the same badge on bottles of wine.

    Sheriffs dept. and alcohol, great example for the public.

    Is he trying to promote more DUI’s.

  16. Zinke for McHenry County Double Dipper

    Vote for Bill Prim and bring McHenry County back with respect

  17. Teacher, I did not see any badges in that video, does the SA even have a symbol for the office.

    I’m not the SA’s defense attorney.

    If one person does something wrong then it is ok for everyone ?

    Show me the fliers endorsing a candidate with the symbol of the SA’s office on it.

    Any bottles of booze with the SA on it?

    Will the real FukCuckoo please stand up.

    I hope you are not really a teacher, that is a scary thought.

    Nygren and Ms. Piggy are triple dippers and Andy is a double douchebag!

  18. Scott M, now you want to remove someone’s credentials because of their opinion?

    Wow, someone must have really been mean to you at some point in your life.

    Because you keep bringing it up.

  19. watching, I don’t see any posts by Scott M. .

    Are you referring to Nygren’s credentials and use of official symbols on political mailers ?

    If you are, you need to look up official misconduct.

  20. Drove by Donnelly’s Wild West Town this morning, off Rt 20. T

    here were Zinke signs every two feet………a buzillion of them……..

    Do you think they’re for Zinke !

    They must have brought all the returned signs ( ie Tommy’s on 47 and Harley Davidson place on 47 etc. etc. etc. ) over there.

    Many places have taken down their signs for Zinke, a sign of lost faith.

    You can put up as many returned signs as you want…doesn’t matter now !

    So Sad, Too Bad.

    # Nygren, Finally made up your mind ?

  21. You are right Happy trails I noticed some signs down too.

    I guess they are really trying to clean up the place. l.o.l. in more than one way.

    Wow who made the signs? Maybe the prisoners? l.o.l.

    Can’t blame his campaign people from taking them down.

    Might as well do it early.

    He can use the material to build a new house out of the County. l.o.l.
    Bill Prim for Sheriff !

  22. Now I know where all the signs went!

    At least his supporters won’t need their GPS to find his pity party on Tuesday night.

  23. I hope for Andy’s sake he does not win.

    I cannot help but feel that he has walked into a trap.

    A snare built for him reinforced with paranoia that will one day leave Andy carrying the can while the rats escape.

  24. I took this letter walking in Crystal Lake today.

    It worked as I hoped.

    When people saw that Kieth was endorsing Andy it was ALMOST always a vote for Bill Prim.

    People want a change… not a continuation in the status quo and that what a Sheriff Zinke would get us.

  25. Why was Andy giving his interview at his office?

    It was like the viewers had a tour of the Sheriff’s office?

    I thought that was not allowed? Andy all so said he was the Under Sheriff for some time but what he didn’t say was how messed up it has been all that time.


  26. Those are the ONLY qualifications in law enforcement Andy has?

    Go on Bill Prims site and see the bezillions of not only qualifications but all the agencies he has worked and been involved in. Unbelievable folks.

    If he were to list all the things and experience he has done he would be on camera for an hour.

    Prim is a humble man.

  27. Andy has done some stuff…..

    He flipped off Cal at that parade while in uniform in a Sheriffs dept vehicle and he was terrorized by a woman dressed in black.

    Not to mention telling his buddy and campaign supporter that the DEA was looking into a shipment of drugs that was possibly headed to his company.

    Well done, Andy.

  28. Zinke must think people are really stupid not to notice his ILLEGAL ACTIONS.

    Prancing around an Expo in uniform, saying he is running for sheriff and then giving out his official undersheriff business card.

    Sorry I missed the opportunity to see it in person, but friends have.

    Using tax dollar time and material to campaign.

  29. During a recent informal get together with a large group of voters we presented the resumes of Bill Prim and Zinke.

    That is all that was done and even some people who were once a Zinke supporter changed their minds and are voting for Prim.

    They were not aware of the exceptional background experience and qualifications Prim had.

    Just facts folks and that is all you need. No tricks, no lies ,no hiding the truth just plain facts.

    Prim has it all and will be a great Sheriff for McHenry County.

  30. That is very strange, voter.

    In many informal conversations and meetings throughout Crystal Lake, I have yet to find 1 person voting for Mr. Prim.

    People that I have talked with overwhelmingly support Andrew Zinke.

  31. At the expo yesterday Zinke was strutting around with democrat Jack Franks.

    Teacher155, you must be hanging around a very small and uninformed group of people – fellow unionistas who tell you how to vote?

    Oh yeah – speaking of unionista Mary McClellan was strutting around with local 150 Brent Smith.

  32. Not sure which rocks you were looking under in Crystal Lake for Zinke voters, but I know many honest citizens in Crystal Lake voting and have voted for Prim !

  33. proudCONSERVATIVE.

    Unionistas are not welcome?

    Alleged Republicans like you are losing elections for us.

    You are destroying the GOP and America with your simple minded, small tent, special interest agenda.

    Unions built Middle Class America.

  34. Oh Frank and Teacher……………………..


    Detective SERGEANT

    Narcotic Investigation SERGEANT

    Patrol SERGEANT

    National Coordinator, State and Local Enforcement (combined Agency Border Intelligence Network)

    Gang Crimes/Narcotic SUPERVISOR

    Task Force Officer with United States Customs


    Hostage Negotiator

    Gang Crimes SPECIALIST

    Suburban Gang Task Force

    S.W.A.T, officer

    These are only some of Prims qualifications and experience and that does not include all the

    Specialized schools and training he has gone to

    and now Zinke:
    By his own interview:

    Deputy Sheriff

    Canine Handler

    Swat team member

    Traffic investigator

    I’m not discrediting any of the 4 things he has done over how many years?

    but people who would you like by the above to be the next Sheriff?

    This is a no brainier

  35. O.k. for the rest:
    Specialized training:

    Law Enforcement Management
    Supervision of Police Personnel
    Critical Incident Management
    Interviews and interrogations
    Risk Management
    Homicide Investigation
    Arson Investigation
    Money Laundering Investigation
    Narcotic Investigation Management

    Gee and Zinke supporters and that includes you teacher said he never continued his education over the years… l.o.l.

  36. @voter – You missed a few qualifications, from Andy’s campaign website, but don’t worry, I found the additional information for you on zinkeforsheriff.org

    “I grew up in the City of McHenry, and attended area schools. My career began with an internship at the Richmond Police Department, where I also served as a community service officer. I worked briefly as a dispatcher for the Algonquin Police Department, until I was hired as a police officer by the Genoa City Police Department in Wisconsin. At 21, I was hired by the Hebron Police Department full-time and the McHenry County Sheriff’s office marine unit part-time. I was hired as a full-time McHenry County deputy sheriff a year later. It has been my honor to be a member of the McHenry County Sheriff’s office and serve the citizens of McHenry County since 1989.”

    “During my tenure I have served as a Patrol deputy, Accident investigator, SWAT member, K9 handler, Detective, Crime Scene Investigator, Crisis negotiator, Detective Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, and since April 14, 2010. I currently serve as the Undersheriff.”

    “My current responsibilities include assisting the Sheriff in all administrative functions of the department, and as follows:”

    “Confer with the Sheriff to provide input concerning the goals and objectives of the department.
    Assist and approve budget preparation to include planning, human resources, allocations and program evaluations.

    Act as Office head in the absence of the Sheriff.

    Provide public presentations before various groups to explain departmental activities.

    Seek remedies to resolve problems as they arise, and aid in developing and implementing policies and procedures for the efficient operation of the department.

    Provide close supervision and support of bureau commanders and evaluate their performance, and the performance of their subordinate personnel.”

    Oh, and voter, don’t forget about the education qualifications as found on Andy’s LinkedIn page.
    Aurora University MBA

    Leadership Greater McHenry County

    Senior Management Institute for Policing, Boston MA

    Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, Quantico, VA

    Northwestern University Center for Public Safety

    Dale Carnegie Course

    Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange

    Judson College (IL) Bachelors

    McHenry County College

  37. Oh, almost forgot, Mayor Sager endorsed Andy Recently. Here is the letter for you to read..

    “Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    I am writing to respectfully ask you to vote for Andy Zinke for Sheriff in the McHenry County primary elections on Tuesday, March 18th.

    In today’s difficult economic and political environment, residents have a right to expect their elected officials to be honest and forthright, actively engaged, willing to listen, and responsive to their needs. As Mayor of Woodstock, I have had the opportunity to work with Andy over the last few years in his capacity as Undersheriff of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and I can assure you he is all of these things. In every instance, I have found him to be very responsive and concerned, thorough and fair, committed to working cooperatively with our local Police Department, and above all, a man of integrity and professionalism.

    It is unfortunate that today we find ourselves in an environment saturated with political aspersions creating doubt, mistrust, and dissatisfaction. My father taught me two very important lessons. First, it is important to be a builder, not a destroyer. Throughout this primary campaign for McHenry County Sheriff, Andy has taken the high road, focusing on his commitment to public service and the accomplishments of the Sheriff’s Office, accomplishments made by the collaborative efforts of a strong, dedicated, professional team. He focused on building a positive environment in which people could choose the best candidate rather than attacking his opponents.

    The second lesson my father taught was that the character of an individual is not revealed in how well he or she accepts success and accolades, but how well they deal with challenge and adversity. In the face of difficult issues associated with doing the job, Andy has proven himself to be a calm, fair and thoughtful leader, providing stability and professionalism to the office. He does what he knows to be right, even when it is not the most popular thing to do. He is able to do so because he has a strong, unwavering moral compass and because he knows people who rely upon him expect nothing less.

    Finally, Andy works tirelessly to protect and serve the people of Woodstock and McHenry County. He doesn’t do it just because it is his job. He does it because he wants today and all of our tomorrows to be safe and filled with opportunity. He is a strong family man and is dedicated to providing a better future for his family and for ours.

    We are fortunate Andy Zinke has dedicated himself to public service. Please allow him to continue his service by electing him the next Sheriff of McHenry County. I invite you to join me in voting for Andy Zinke on March 18th.”



  38. Looks like he didn’t listen to his father now did he.

    At least Prim actually DID things.

    Prim is still more experienced and more qualified for the future of McHenry.

    Vote for Prim

    Go forward and not backwards

  39. It’s time to quit spouting off and put your own vote where your mouth is.

    Allow others to make their own decisions.

  40. Not that it matters much but if you have any familiarity with any Law Enforcement Training you know that 80% of it is just pure garbage.

    Like the accreditations and awards it’s all just fluff for the voters.

    I’m not picking on Andy, it’s true all over.

    Ask the officers, they hate training, they all know it’s crap.

    I remember jailers telling me how funny it was when ICE gave the jailhouse a great review even though intercoms and doors where not working in their units.

    Come to find out that if they discover it, all you have to do is say it’s on the list to be fixed.

    Some serious problems were not fixed for months.

    In short, most of the credentials, accreditation and training is pure garbage.

  41. Teacher, teacher, teacher.

    Your post is funny.

    Let’s see: The unions destroyed Detroit, Chicago is on it’s way to destruction (unless Rahm follows through with his doubling property taxes), and Illinois is the worst state in the union — because of the unions.

    And let’s see, to the north of us, in Wisconsin, a state that was on it’s way to destruction, and Scott Walker saved it — from the unions.

    The unions are destroying themselves.

    They did a great service 100 years ago, but now they just want to pad their own pockets and force members to pay dues and use it to give to one party.

  42. Mr . Sager wouldn’t have written that letter if he heard some of the words his friend uses that would deeply offend Mr. Sager.

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