Kurtz, Walkup and Evertsen Endorse Bill Prim for Sheriff

A press release from the Bill Prim for Sheriff Committee:


Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Three members of the McHenry County Board Sunday added their voices to the chorus of support for Bill Prim in the primary election for Sheriff: Donna Kurtz (R-2), Diane Evertsen (R-6) and Michael Walkup (R-3), whose ancestor was the first McHenry County Sheriff in history.

Donna Kurtz, who has established a reputation for advocating necessary government reform and fiscal responsibility, said, “Bill Prim represents the very best of what is needed in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. He has extensive law enforcement and management experience at both local and federal levels; he will bring much needed accountability to the Sheriff’s Office through the use of innovation and best practices; and he is a leader with uncompromising principles and values.”

Michael Walkup had an interesting personal take on the race: “My great, great, great grandfather was the very first McHenry County Sheriff 174 years ago. Today, McHenry County needs reform. We have the opportunity to elect a true reformer as our next Sheriff and bring down the high cost of operating the Sheriff’s Department. Bill Prim is such a reformer. He will bring openness, transparency and accountability to the McHenry County Sheriff’s office. Please vote for Bill Prim for Sheriff on Tuesday in the Republican primary.”

Diane Evertsen is a staunch conservative who consistently promotes tightening the reins of government spending toward the goal of lower taxes. She said, “Prim shows a deep respect for the office of Sheriff of McHenry County and the people he’ll be serving in that position. His ability to use new ideas in combination with existing resources in a mature and responsible manner will go a long way in filling the gap that currently exists.”

“I am very grateful to these three fine public officials for voicing their support for our efforts to reform the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office,” Prim said. “I believe my backing is both broad and deep in the county, and here is another good example of that.”


Kurtz, Walkup and Evertsen Endorse Bill Prim for Sheriff — 5 Comments

  1. I would expect the liberal Democrats to endorse Prim as well.

    Don’t get more liberal than Kurtz and Walkup.

    Didn’t they also endorse and support Dee Beaubien who was funded by Mr. Madigan?

  2. Finally some county board members who don’t have their heads up their asses

  3. Jim B, too sick for deposition but you can go to the bar.

    Andy has more depositions coming.

    Will you be better by then or should he get an attorney under 70.

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