Dillard Gets Pro-Life Support — 4 Comments

  1. That’s really odd because I could swear I got a robo call from Planned Parenthood endorsing this candidate.

    (I crossed him off my list because of that alone.)

  2. The Illinois Family Institute has an online voter guide.

    How would Dillard please both the liberal IEA and conservative pro-choice voter on some controversial issues.

    Dillard opposes a graduated income tax which is in opposition of IEA wishes so I don’t see the IEA and the other unions supporting Dillard over Quinn.

    Unless Dillard changes his tune on taxes once in office.

    The IEA flat out opposes home schooling.

    Here’s the IEA Legislative platform.

    Illinois Review had another interesting article.

    Hard to tell where the guy really stands with such a diverse group.

  3. 2 good reasons to vote against dillard.

    pro life and union backing.

  4. A number of years ago, Planned Parenthood put their endorsement sheets together based on one piece of legislation.

    This piece of legislation had to do with contraception alone.

    Dillard voted for it and this was enough criteria for PP to endorse him that year for the State Senate; many of these types of organizations will automatically endorse an incumbent over an “equally qualified” challenger.

    As I understand it, even PP was surprised when they were asked about endorsing Dillard as he has been 100% Pro-Life from the beginning.

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