Sheriff’s Race Narrows as Late Absentees Added

Bill Prim was introduced to Lou Bianchi's supporters at his fundraiser last summer.

Bill Prim was introduced to Lou Bianchi’s supporters at his fundraiser last summer.

Last night I emailed McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz asking if the absentee and early votes had been added to the totals.

At that point former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim is leading Undersheriff Andy Zinke by 405 votes.

Here is her 2:23 AM reply:

“I have a report with absentee votes, but have been unable to get them posted.”

Sheriff 212 of 212 including absentees
Now the victory margin is 98 votes.

There will be a few more absentee votes that trickle in between now and the canvass about two weeks from now.

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Look at the vote totals shown through the night here.


Sheriff’s Race Narrows as Late Absentees Added — 29 Comments

  1. The results from the prior three McHenry County Sheriff Primary elections.
    2010 Nygren – 16,952 – 68.13%
    2010 Seipler – 7,930 – 31.87%

    2006 Nygren – 27,559 – 99.57%
    2006 Write-In – 119 – 0.43%

    2002 Nygren – 25,102 – 99.50%
    2002 Write-In – 127 – 0.50%

  2. I have sat back through all the thorns and barbs thrown between the Prim camp and Zinke camp.

    Now the campaign begins.

    I personally told my friend Jim Harrioson not to become embroiled in the slander attacks between Prim and Zinke.

    I refrained from any comments which served no purpose.

    Notice there were no attacks from Harrison of his supporters.

    Now if Prim and Harrison can just stick to issues there will be a lively debate..

    In the past I commented here in support of my friend Jim Harriosn.

    When the ink dries on the certification of election forms in the Clerks office, more debate will happen on who us the better candidate for Sheriff.

    Let the campaign begin.

  3. Is Jim Harrison receiving a pension for his service with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office from 1981-1989 and/or McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office 1992 – 2005.

    Name of pension fund.

    Current amount of pension.

    If no pension why not, were the contributions rolled over or is he simply electing not to draw on the pension at this time.

  4. Why doesn’t Bianchi present to a Grand Jury all the absentee votes cast for Zinc-man at places like Valley-Hi (where Alzheimer’s patients’ Dxed years ago, voted in droves?)

    Who arranged for those votes?

    Pioneer Center is another rich load of suspicious absentees.

  5. Mark…no pension.

    As to why.

    My guess would be that when he left as Sheriffs deputy rather than wait until 60 ( less than 20 years reverts to regular IMRF rules ) and collect maybe 50 bucks a month.

    Most people withdraw their contributions.

    I’m not sure if he was even fully vested.

    You need 8 years plus one day to be.fully vested under the IMRF rules at the time.

    He can only withdraw HIS contributions

    The county portion stays with IMRF.

    At the SAO it was exempt at counsel work so he did not have eligibility for pension.

    If I can make a point.

    Rather than play the Zinke&Prim word games.

    Talk valid points.

    Who cares what Prim made at DesPlaines or will make as Sheriff.

    Who cares what Harrison did 25 years ago.

    What matters is what they have done professionally.

    Nobody disputes Prim has worked hard and was probably a great cop.

    Now give credit to Harrison who left the MCSO and went to law school and became a successful lawyer.

    It’s all about issues of who can best administrate the 400 person Sheiffs Dept.

    Looking for dirt is just how the GOP run off went.

  6. No IMRF pension for Harrison for his work at McHenry County Sheriff’s office (8 years)?

    No pension for Harrison for his work at McHenry County State’s Attorney’s office (13 years)?

    So Harrison received a refund from those pension funds for the employer and employee contributions?

  7. Yes I saw the point about MCSO employer IMRF contribution stays with MCSO, Just verifying that’s what happened with Harrison.

  8. There are allegations that absentee ballots may be coming from nursing homes and human services providers from patients disguised as voters with Alzheimers or dementia patients??????

    Is Zinke and the Administrators at these facilities filling out absentee ballots on behalf of these vulnerable people???

    The Elder Abuse Hotline, HIPPA, the Election Board of Illinois, the States Attorney’s office of Mc Henry and of Illinois (Lisa Madigan’s office) should be contacted and initiate an investigation!

    If these allegations are true, this is the most blatant violation of human rights and voter fraud ever executed!

    I do hope there are people looking into this.

    Is this why Zinke will not concede????

    Does he know something we don’t?

  9. There are plenty of laws and agency’s that protect “vulnerable populations” of people especially those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

    I truly hope that Healthcare Administrators at government run and nursing home facilities did not perpertrate voter fraud or violate these people’s rights.

  10. Are you trying to sling mud already?

    If you read the Illinois State Statutes you find that “regular” employees must participate in IMRF.

    Upon leaving they can choose to take a retirement when they reach eligible age providing they are vested OR get refund of their contributions.

    They contributions of the employer remain with IMRF not the county.

    Btw they are both administered by IMRF but are different funds.

    Deputies are under IMRF SLEP which is Sheriffs Law Enforcement Prigram, whereas the SAO is under regular IMRF.

    Contractors, special employees, part time employees working less than 600 hours per year are not eligible.

    I dont know if Harrison was vested.

    Meaning more than 8 years.

    Even so, most low tenure employees take the refund.

    Even if invested in a CD back then, it would be better than waiting to age 60 to get a very small pension.

    The pension would have been locked at 1989 values, never increasing with time.

  11. Thanks Cal, for giving us a forum to post comments, vent and debate.

    We are fortunate you care for our county and bravely report the truth.

    Our McHenry County ‘Andrew Breitbart’!

  12. If I’m not mistaken, the absentee ballots should already be in.

    Please let me know if I can still have my father vote who is in the hospital and how to go about it!!

    He’s like to vote for Prim!

  13. Absentee ballots have to have a postmark of Election Day or earlier.

    Final election results will be certified two weeks after the election.

  14. So Harrison does not receive and will not ever receive a pension for his work at MCSO & MCSAO.

    “At the SAO it was exempt at counsel work so he did not have eligibility for pension.”

    Please elaborate regarding “exempt at counsel work.”

    Was Harrison a full time employee of MCSAO?

  15. Just referring to work that Harrison has performed in the past.

    More appropriately would have been worded.

    So Harrison does not receive and will not ever receive a pension for work he has performed at the MCSO & MCSAO.

    Obviously if Harrison becomes Sheriff he can elect to participate in IMRF for his Sheriff work.

  16. Mark, Harrison made like $2.3 million for his work for then SA Pack.

    That is a pension in itself.

    I’m sure all the legal bills for those cases will come out during the election.

    No attorney working for the SA is worth that kind of money.

    I believe he also had a workers comp claim at the end of his time at the MCSO.

    FOIA time.

  17. Atiredoldmarine, I hear Andy was at Valley Hi recently.

    Maybe he was helping the dementia patients cast their absentee ballots.

    What a great guy, helping those old people.

  18. All true Republicans must align with the Republican nominee…

    Watch close for those who don’t…time for a little RINO hunting?

  19. Justin (and any other Jim Harrison supporter), the primary is barely over, the results aren’t canvassed, and the county conventions haven’t taken place, and yet you want to start the campaign now?

    Please remember Bill Prim’s response to Jim Harrison when Harrison tried a publicity stunt when Andy Zinke backed out of the Patriots United candidate’s forum, basically, let Harrison become a certified candidate for the November ballot to debate the Republican nominee.

    Harrison needs to continue keeping a low profile, while raising money and determining which voters did not cast a partisan ballot in order to plan his petition drive later this year.

    Expect the real debate between Republican nominee Prim and any opponents to begin after Labor Day.

  20. I specifically recall predictions of Zinke landslide.

    Where is Teacher 155?

    Could it be that Teacher 155 is still crying in her beer!

  21. Concerned, don’t challenge worse . . . desperate people will stoop to nothing, to be a winner.

    Teacher155 and those Nygren/Zinke Regime posters, might still have some tricks up their sleeves.

    I just hope they know everyone has been watching and will be watching.

  22. Irecall the story of the man who was brought into take over a factory as boss because he had been told that there were “problems” in there with the workers.

    At a meeting of the workers where he was going to “lay down the law”, he observed a man off to the side leaning on the wall, not paying attention to his words of “straighten up”.

    He walked over to the man and asked, “How much do you make an hour?”, to which the man said “$14.56 an hour”.

    The new boss took out a roll of cash and gave it to the leaning man annd told him, “You’re fired!! Get out”, to which the guy then left.

    When the new boss went back to his ranting, he asked, “Does anybody know what that guy does here?”.

    A voice from the back of the group of workers said, “He delivered the pizza from Pizza Hut.”

    Moral, research the cry babies before you leap to conclusions (Mr. Prim/Harrison)

  23. Looks like somebody(ies) didn’t steal enough votes this time ….

    I believe Prim won by 15% OR MORE ….

    there’s an outward maximum as to how many votes can be stolen …….

    how about this little scam at the County Clerks’ early voting in her own bldg …..

    Citizen X asks for early voting, presents ID ….

    he then votes very carefully ….

    then he presses the recap button before actually ‘casting’ his ballot to review votes …

    Lo & Behold …there’s a vote for ZINC-creature ……. vote changed to Prim, then ‘recapped’ again to see if the change was made … it was.

    Now, how many voting sould do you think actually reviewed their votes and corrected a programmed ‘mistake’ …..1:20 …1:15? ….1:50? ….

    the point is w/ paperless ballots these things can and are rigged!

    The above voting ‘irregularity’ happened to me!!!!

    Will the kinfly county clerk accept absentee ballots w/o postmarks? Another way to gin up votes

  24. You can always contact the Prim Campaign site and tell them.

    Zinke will stop at nothing to get votes.

    The people spoke and want Prim and I am sure people continue to watch the Zinke camp.

  25. Defend the Vote in Barrington Hills is dedicated to voter fraud issues.

    Stories include being able to change Chicago voting machines with a cell phone, and poor black areas in Chicago having every single citizen over 18 registered to vote as well as many registered voters whom the Census says is dead.

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