Daily Herald Calls Bill Prim “Sure Winner”

The Daily Herald, which, along with the Northwest Herald, endorsed Andy Zinke over Bill Prim for Sheriff, posted an article at 5:44 Thursday afternoon headlined

Prim Sure Winner for GOP Sheriff in McHenry Co.

"Prim sure winner for GOP sheriff in McHenry Co" is how the Daily Herald summarizes McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz' opinion.

“Prim sure winner for GOP sheriff in McHenry Co” is how the Daily Herald summarizes McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz’ opinion.

The article by Elena Ferrarin starts,

“Despite having less name recognition in McHenry County, Bill Prim’s message of reforming the sheriff’s office resonated with voters…”

The story quotes McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz as saying with Prim’s 98 vote lead, there aren’t enough votes to make up the difference.

Schultz is referring to the four provisional votes and just under 50 absentee ballots that were outstanding on election day.

Implicitly, the veteran County Clerk, who has worked in the office since she graduated from Woodstock High School and is retiring this year, is saying that a recount would not change the results.


Daily Herald Calls Bill Prim “Sure Winner” — 5 Comments

  1. So …. When can we expect Zinke to concede?

    And the NWH’s article?

    Or were they just waiting for the DH to be first?

  2. McHenry County citizens have spoken, and they choose Mr. Bill Prim over that other guy.

    The citizens of McHenry County will see the McHenry County Sheriffs Office restored to them.

    They will now have a true honest, experienced leader.

    I agree with Mr. Prim about the wasted of my tax dollars going to that EEOC/Nygren lawyer, why need that guy ?

    Mr. Prim, you have my full support and vote in this coming November for sure.

    Congrat’s to the hard working men and woman of the MCSO for Mr. Prim

  3. The facts state…about 50.2% of one party spoke, so a deserved congrats on that.

    There is still a general election and typically in such a close primary if the victor doesn’t reach across to the other 49.8% of the voters in his primary in a conciliatory manner and his followers remain on the attack it does not bode well for the General election.

    I think Prim supporters to this point are making a great case for an Independent Sheriff instead of another guy beholden to one of the two Old Boy split factions of the current republican party.

    So this time Bianchi’s guy beat Nygrens guy by a few dozen votes…after years of the ugliness in their falling out maybe we need a fresh start, and I think Prim/Bianchi folks are still making that case strongly.

  4. You Harrison supporters are deluded.

    If I were you I’d focus on collecting those 6,700 signatures before talking smack about the race.

    Not only do you have to get a lot of signatures, but you also have to get a high proportion of good signatures.

    The most you can turn in 10,500, and 6,700 of them have to be good.

    That’s not a lot of wiggle room for the inevitable flood of low-information petition signers you’ll attract when your lazy canvassers camp out in the Walmart parking lot.

  5. Beating Andy is a massive achievement.

    From experience, I know that the voters in this County vote on name recognition.

    The NWH did a fantastic job of making sure everyone knew that Andy is the current Undersheriff and he was quoted in almost every law enforcement story that came up in the last year.

    I was kinda waiting for them to quote Andy on every story, like this –

    “Matthew McConaughey wins Oscar – Undersheriff Zinke said he could have done better but would have to shed a few pounds”

    “Russia invades Crimea – Undersheriff Zinke said he was surprised at the Russians but that they better stay west of Chemung”

    “Kim and Kanye release pics – Undersheriff Zinke loved their outfits and has same shoes as Kim”

    Ok, I’m just kidding.

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