Rauner Attacks Proposed Income Tax Hike

A press release from Bruce Rauner:

Statement on Quinn-Madigan Tax Plan

Chip Englander, campaign manager for Bruce Rauner, issued the following statement regarding the tax proposal announced by House Speaker Mike Madigan:

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

“Bruce is happy to pay more to support education – in fact he’s been doing that personally for decades, but he doesn’t support what looks like a first step towards empowering Mike Madigan and Pat Quinn to raise taxes on the middle class, small businesses and family farms.

“The last time they raised taxes, they hit every Illinoisan with a 67% increase, and they still turned around and cut funding for education.

“We need to grow our economy and create jobs, so we can fund education at levels far above what we’ve seen under Pat Quinn.

“We need to take a look at our entire tax system to make Illinois more competitive and lower the tax burden on the people of Illinois.”


Rauner Attacks Proposed Income Tax Hike — 1 Comment

  1. There could be at least 4 statewide initiatives on the November ballot.

    1. Progressive Tax Hike (currently many proposals).
    2. 3% Tax Millionaire Special Interest Education Tax Hike (HJRCA 51).
    3. Redistricting Reform.
    4. Term Limit Reform.

    Rauner vs. Madigan.

    Rauner vs. Quinn.

    Put up your dukes.

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