Uncounted Votes Appearing in Two Write-In Contests for GOP Precinct Committeeman

Never seen this before.

Votes are appearing in write-in contests for Republican Precinct Committeemen.

Just from looking at the results the day after the election, it appeared that some write-in candidates had been short-changed.

Between then and now, there have been changes in what is posted on the McHenry County County Clerk’s web site.

You can see the results for all the contests, as of Wednesday, March 19th, here.

Below, I’ll show you the changes. (If there is no change, I’ll skip the precinct.)

Previous Precinct Committeeman Gary Verdung and

Previous Precinct Committeeman Gary Verdung and Nathaniel Gainer were running against each other for Precinct Committeeman.  The day after the election neither had enough votes to be elected.

Since the above results were posted, the ballots seem to have been examined and reevaluated.


Verdung is now show leading 15-14.

In Grafton 4, Sharon has four votes counted on election night.

Sharon Bills only received two of the ten votes to be elected Precinct Committeeman.

On election day, Sharon Bills only received four of the ten votes she needed to be elected Precinct Committeeman.

Now, she has 21.

As I said, I’ve never seen this happen before.




Uncounted Votes Appearing in Two Write-In Contests for GOP Precinct Committeeman — 5 Comments

  1. So what does this mean?

    Ballot tampering?

    Maybe there needs to be a full examination of this election, overseen by the Prim campaign and the new reformers’ attorney.

    You know, to make sure there were no shenanigans.

    This makes me think of Al Franken’s stolen election in Minnesota….

  2. I would guess the clerk is just now getting a chance to take a look at the write in votes and decide if they are for the candidate or if they are for mickey mouse.

  3. One job of precinct committeemen is to provide a list of election judges to the County Clerk.

    It appears the current management of the McHenry County GOP does not encourage or promote that activity.

    I have been told that the County Clerk was scrambling at the last minute to get enough election judges.

    Apparently there were other precincts where the election judges had to be reminded to look for write-in ballots in the ‘black’ box used by the Accu Vote systems.

  4. Numbers — that is true! Actually, Geri Davis screwed this up when I was a PC.

    She gave me a sheet with the judges on it, and told me to sign it.

    I was apprehensive, so I checked into it, because it was my “job”; I wasn’t going to sign something just because she told me to.

    After I called the Clerk’s office, they were not happy because the judges on my sheet were some that the Clerk’s office wanted removed!!

    Renewal of the McHenry County GOP is imperative, for all concerned, especially the taxpayers and voters in the county! unbelievable….

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