Vehicles the Sheriff’s Department Has Seized Since 2010

When I found that the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has allowed its Business Manager to use a seized 2008 Honda for commuting to and from her home north of Rockford, my curiosity was peaked.

What about other vehicle the Department had seized?

I asked for records going back through 2010.  The response is found below:

Sheriff 2010- seized vehicles 1Sheriff 2010- seized vehicles 2Sheriff 2010- seized vehicles 3Sheriff 2010- seized vehicles 4You will notice that all information has not been provided.

Here are the reasons offered for the redactions:

Sheriff 2010- seized vehicles redactionsI am sure there are readers who will have more knowledge about what is above than I.

I hope some will offer comments.


Vehicles the Sheriff’s Department Has Seized Since 2010 — 24 Comments

  1. No need to rely on your readers.

    Appeal every FOIA response that contains less than what you’re looking for to the AG.

    The AG appeal is costless, takes five minutes, and will provide you a definite answer as to whether you’re being jerked around.

  2. There goes two minutes of my life I’ll never get back by reading this, and another minute by writing this response. I guess I missed something, why does the public need this information (or more to the point – who cares?)

  3. Was the print so small that I could not read “2008 Honda Civic”, the vehicle given to the MCSD Business Manager to commute with to and from her out-of-County residence?

    Does Nygren drive a forfeited vehicle?

    What’s the criminal-investigation purpose of that, if he does?

  4. The last vehicle looks to be a black 2009 Honda Civic, although not sure about the year.

    If the vehicle is not used for undercover purposes, the name of the person to whom the vehicle is assigned should be revealed, along with their title, department, and agency (if other than McHenry County Sheriff’s office).

  5. The Sheriff’s Business Manager has been allowed to commute to and from her home north of Rockford in a seized vehicle.

    It could have been sold with money going in the County Treasury.

  6. These are NOT to be used by personnel.

    Confiscations are to be sold and money put in general fund to use for programs, drug issues, etc.

    That is how Bill Prim got more than $20 million into the coffers.

    It is called doing things the right way.

  7. Another case in the department of taking what’s not theirs.

    That ole’ liberal sense of entitlement. Rule of law be damned!

  8. The department is NOT stealing these vehicles.

    The department is AWARDED these vehicles by the COURT, and THAT is by the State’s Attorney’s office lawyers.

    HOW or why or for what they are used once turned over to the department becomes a tax savings as they are used by the department instead of BUYING newer cars or unsafe cars and trucks.

    You may have a bit_h with who gets to use them; your problem, not the departments.

    I’m sure Mr. Prim will fix everything-yeah, sure.

  9. Since when do Sheriff Dept Business Managers receive free use of an automobile.

    It’s just a perk courtesy of taxpayers.

  10. Maybe that’s a “business decision”- who knows.

    Who cares.

    Unless you have some inside information that this is a bad idea and why so, I’m not worried about something so trivial as use of an old car that may not be worth the time or effort to sell it. Perk if the job?

    Maybe, could be, who cares.

  11. AZ – Who cares??

    Those that are “left out” of the perks for ‘favored ones”.

    Who cares??

    The general public that is supposed to benefit by the proper sale and use going to programs that are for EVERYONE.

  12. I care!

    It has to do with personal integrity.

    Some people don’t even know what that is.

    There is right and there is wrong.

    If you cannot tell the difference, this could be a BIG problem.

  13. Well, I’m “general public” and I don’t care.

    Remember your righteous indignation when Mr. Prim comes in and doesn’t roll over to everybody whinnying about silly useless crap.

    Get over yourselves.

  14. Andy Zinke Supporter.

    The problem is she is a civilian employee making $109,000 a year and she gets a seized vehicle, fuel and an I Pass to drive back and forth to Rockford each day.

    She is not an on call deputy nor would she have to respond back to the department for an emergency.

    She gets the car because she is Andy’s buddy.

    That car should have been sold and the proceeds used to fight drugs or left for undercover use.

    And yes, the fuel, insurance and I pass are paid for by the taxpayers, so you and everyone else should care.

    At 109,00 a year she could afford her own transportation.

  15. Andy Zinke Supporter it looks like you don’t care about any of the taxpayers.

    Sorry state of mind you are in.

    That money could have been utilized to help so many programs.

    It sounds as though you are still grieving that Andy Zinke lost the primary.

    You should move on and think what is best for the citizens of McHenry County.

    I think Mr. Prim will look over a lot of things that have been going on and change things for the better.

  16. I’m past his , and the citizens of this county’s, loss.

    If you think Prim is going to wholesale change things that he currently knows nothing about, you obviously thought Obama was a great idea too.

    Dumb and wrong on both counts.

    If he reacts based on the people wrenching on these blogs, he won’t be in office very long.

  17. I am confident that Mr. Prim will examine all the current practices currently in place within the Sheriff’s department.

    I am sure he will change what needs to be changed which will be beneficial to the department and to the taxpayers of McHenry County.

    I certainly am not a Obama supporter but that does lead me to question why a blogger said that he saw a bumper sticker on Mr. Harrison’s car for Obama?

  18. Mchenry County Combined Watcher, please check your facts on the $20 million dollars that Mr. Prim put into the coffers..

    I believe you may be mistaken this with the DUI scandal that the department was busted for by Dunkin’s Friends in the FBI !!

  19. I had hoped that at least some of the idiotic statements and accusations would somehow disappear after the primary, but I was mistaken.

    As one reads through these and other comments on totally separate matters, the same pattern rises to the top.

    “If I say it (or read it) on the internet, I don’t need proof (a bald accusation stated once or, even better, repeated over and over, becomes fact.”

    Take the car…

    I can think of a few reasons why she has a car assigned and even more why she doesn’t need to have one.

    OTOH, to interject things like “she has an iPass for her daily commute” is just stupid.

    I don’t doubt that there is an iPass in the car but…

    Does anyone who lives in the north half of the county travel to Rockford via the toll road?

    Everyone who I know travels there via Kishwaukee Valley Rd or 173.

    MAYBE, if their business also takes them south a bit, they scoot over on Route 20.

    I don’t think law enforcement vehicles pay tolls anyways.

    Perhaps the iPass, in this case, only serves to make the car an exempt vehicle.

    Harrison’s Prius?

    Obama sticker?

    Says who?

    “Truth?” “RegimeOver?”

    They “Voter?” they claim to have evidence but apparently a federal judge sealed that too since they haven’t bothered to send the photo to Cal.


    Is there the slightest possibility that Harrison’s wife is an owner/driver of the car and that SHE maybe put the sticker there?

    Oh, no, that could never happen.

    Besides… we’re going to be asked to vote for them (husband and wife) as a matched set.

    Get real, people.

    “Truth” he voted for Obama twice?

    And you know this how?


  20. Maybe a better question would be who exactly signed the 2008 Honda out and did (s)he have the authority to do so.

    Yes, I have a problem with seized property of ANY KIND being distributed willy-nilly, that is the reason all of it logged in and out at all stages.

  21. When are you taxpayin’ serfs going to get it?

    I’m so glad the Sheriff’s 3 card monte shellgame is coming to an end …… hopefully!

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