Prim Not Only Candidate with Post Office Problems

Two Mondays after the election, the direct “family” mail piece for McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke was placed in my Crystal Lake mailbox.

This warm and fuzzy piece showing Zinke as the family guy may have gotten delivered some places before the March 18th primary election, but it obviously did not in my part of 50014.

Andy Zinke, his wife Kim and a son stand before an American flag.

Andy Zinke, his wife Kim and a son stand before an American flag on the back of what was intended to be the last communication from the Zinke for Sheriff campaign.

The address side of Andy Zinke's last mailing shows three children and his wife.

The address side of Andy Zinke’s last mailing shows three children and his wife.

Zinke again makes the false claim that the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department is the “top rated Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.”

If you still have any interest, please refer to my February 6th article entitled,

Undersheriff Andy Zinke Makes False “Top-Rated Sheriff’s Office in Illinois” Claim

Or just read the pertinent part of the answer to my Freedom of Information request for “any documents that show the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department is the top-rated Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.  In addition, please provide any documents that show comparative rankings of Sheriffs’ Departments in Illinois.”

“We have no documents responsive to your request.”

Strategically, the last mailing was a good place to emphasize this assertion because there was no opportunity for a rebuttal.

Other direct mail pieces delivered by my carrier after the election were for Jeff Thorsen and Mary McClellan.

The Bill Prim comparison piece still has not showed up.

Future campaigns would do well not to depend on the U.S. Post Office to supply their precinct workers.


Prim Not Only Candidate with Post Office Problems — 26 Comments

  1. And your proof that the department is NOT so rated is ?

    Proof, not the crying and whining of a few people who don’t like the Department, period, but that someone has rated the department as LESS than top rated?

    Between you,Gus,Zane, Dum Dum and a couple others, you continue to smear the department because you dislike the current sheriff and under sheriff.

    Nicely done.

    I’m sure that when a problem arraises they are the last people you call for aid

  2. Hey SupportHose – saying this trophy makes the department top rated is like saying it is top rated because I live here. tried to verify sources to this claim, found none.

    We have much respect for the hard working men and women of the department.

  3. The evidence is that there is no rating system.

    If anyone can find one, produce a link to it.

  4. Maybe Andy was rated #1 by the national parade association, that’s why he had the one finger up.

  5. The text is small and hard to read for a political mailer, but it’s a good message that could have resonated with voters.

    I give it a B+.

    Now it’s time to back the Republican slate.

    In 2010 Quinn won IL by 30k votes.

    If McHenry County Republicans can get out 5-10k more Republican votes and the other collars can do the same, we will retire Quinn’s lackluster career!

  6. Sorry voter, will be too busy taking your mom out.

    And then never calling her again.

  7. I see Cook (or is it Crook) County had one in the past.

    That says a lot about this big accomplishment.

  8. Arapahoe County, Colorado had it too.

    Twice in fact

    But they are all just stoners out there in Colorado; so CLEARLY this must only be an award for crooked, drug smuggling sheriff department offices.

    I mean, duh!

  9. That award ranks right up there with McHenry County receiving an award for transparency in 2012!

  10. The list to which you link has nothing to say about the ranking of Sheriff’s Offices in Illinois.

  11. Good thing Bill Prim is going to come in and make sure they don’t get any awards!

    I mean, I know I’d be embarrassed of my government of it got transparency awards or Triple Crown accreditation.

    After all, I want to see McHenry County fail and look as shitty as possible while doing it!

  12. Cal, you asked for evidence of a rating system in your previous comment.

    There you go.

    I gave it to you.

    You’re wrong sometimes.

    It’s okay.

    You’re human.

    Not God.

  13. And regardless, your argument is rhetorical.

    The McHebey County sheriffs office was the only office in Illinois to reach Triple Crown accreditation.

    No other office did.

    So can one could reasonably infer by that they are the top rated sheriffs office in the state?

    Look at the list.

    You see any other Illinois Department on there?

  14. You can believe what the FOIA Officer of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office wrote…or not.

    There is no list ranking the 102 Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.

  15. Frank you know nothing.

    There is NO ranking.

    Why are you so confused?

  16. When Zinke and Nygren finally relinquish control over the McHenry County Sheriffs Department, I will be doing cartwheels all the way down the streets in my neighborhood.

    And, I will be cheering “GO NYGREN GO!

    “GO ZINKE GO!”…. “GO GO GO!”

    And, that does not mean “GO” in that famous Nygren and Zinke Circus either..

    We have all had enough of that… LOL….

    Now, now don’t be getting any ideas about arresting my for disorderly conduct.

    I will be exercising my rights to free speech and cartwheels.

  17. Duncan

    When you see the fireworks going off in my neighborhood.

    That will be me!

  18. Hail King Zinke!

    Singlehandedly buffaloed a bunch of overpaid retired law enforcement executives, aka CALEA.

    CALEA is a joke.

    All about taking care of their own. The citizens should rate their law enforcement agencies as police should be reporting to the taxpayers.

    Cal, do some digging and find out how/why Michael Welu got pushed out of his MCSO CALEA job, also do some digging on any replacements and their ties.

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