McHenry County Election Results Certified

Paul Laudick and Kathie Schultz

Paul Laudick and Kathie Schultz are off on vacation.

I called the McHenry County Clerk’s Office today to find out if Kathie Schultz had signed the certifications of election.

She has, doing so before going on vacation.

So the people who won the nominations will be getting a piece of paper to that effect in the near future.

The good-humored public servant told staff members that she had used her hand and wrist so much that she needed a vacation to heal them…or something to that effect.


McHenry County Election Results Certified — 7 Comments

  1. I hope Mr. Zinke will bow out gracefully and with dignity as everyone moves forward. Let the November Campaign begin !!!

    Bill Prim for Sheriff Of McHenry County

  2. Thank God she will still be here for the fall election!

    She will be missed!!

  3. Ms. Schultz exemplifies everything good in a public servant.

    A bar we can all strive for in this next election come November.

  4. She leaves large shoes to fill….

    Good luck to Kathie in all things!

  5. Katie, it has been an honor to work for you as a judge of elections through all these years.

    Although you are leaving , I hope that your staff will continue your heritage and honorable service to our communities.

    Even though I already noticed some glitches in the latest communicative responses from one of your staff members.

    How soon they forget, your honest and pleasant approach to questions asked by members of the appointed judges.

    God Bless you, and your family for a long and restful retirement, although I personally believe that you will make the occasional visit to the various precincts in the future.

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