Stan Bond Running for 14th Congressional District State Central Committeeman

A press release from Montgomery Village Trustee Stan Bond:

Kane County Man Makes Pitch for State Central Committeeman Votes

Stan Bond, a resident and elected Trustee of the Village of Montgomery, IL seeks the
votes of Precinct Committeemen for the GOP State Central Committee 14th

As a Precinct Committeeman of 15 years, and a Vice Chair of the Western Kane County Republican Organization, Bond says he has long had concerns about the level of support received by township and county organizations from the state GOP.

Stan Bond

Stan Bond

“I will work for more and better training and support materials from the state GOP for local party organizations and will also work for better adherence to Republican Guiding Principles in the party’s platform.”, Bond says.

“I pledge to communicate regularly with Precinct Committeemen and County Chairmen in the 14th representative to the state Republican party. In addition, I hope to use my influence to bring state officials into this district for events and training programs at the local level to help build and strengthen our party.”

Bond encourages Precinct Committeemen in the 14th now with comments, concerns or questions about the State Central Committee and the role of their representative.

His email is and he will also be following any comments or questions posted to

The election will be held at the McHenry County GOP Convention on April 16th District.

Bond has been endorsed by the Illinois Leadership Project.


Stan Bond Running for 14th Congressional District State Central Committeeman — 7 Comments

  1. Stan is a great leader and don’t underestimate how votes in the 14th are from Kane County!

    In a three way race Stan can take the SCC seat.

  2. Allen, doesn’t it bother you that Stan Bond failed to mention he works in the Kane County Clerk’s office as the chief deputy clerk in his press release?

    And on his website, he calls his full-time job with pension at the clerk’s office “community service”.

    I know he’s president of a private business, and his clerk’s job is not his primary source of income, but a reason the Republican party has gone down hill over the past 20 years was when party officials had government jobs and government pensions, clouded their ability to re-brand the party into what it needs to be.

    I agree, Bond has a real shot at winning the SCC seat, especially with McHenry County’s Barb Wheeler openly supporting the wrong sheriff’s candidate, but if I were to vote today, my vote would go to Lake County Republican Chairman Bob Cook.

    Maybe Mr. Bond can reply and prove me wrong, but I’ve not seen what he’s done in the Kane County Republican party.

    What am I missing here?

  3. We need a candidate type similar to an Actvist Shareholder.


    Vote no to policies which do not lower property taxes.
    Vote yes to policies which lower property taxes.
    Stand against policies which favor insiders.

  4. If Stan Bond is truly going to respond to questions posed on McHenry County Blog concerning his candidacy for State Central Committeeman (SCC) in the 14th district, here is one I’d like for him to respond.

    One important qualification for a member of the SCC is to be an example of giving generously financial contributions to state and local Republican candidates and organizations.

    I define “generously” as a level requiring individual itemization of one’s individual contributions, with the threshold of $150 over a 3-month (and previously 6-month) period.

    The State Board of Elections website offers contributors’ search capabilities.

    While searching for Stan Bond’s individual financial contributions, his search returned $0 in contributions.

    To be fair, Mr. Bond’s 2 opponents were also checked, and Lake County Republican Chairman Bob Cook has $1,355 in itemized contributions and State Representative Barb Wheeler had $350 (I did not count her loans to her own candidacy).

    Question to Mr. Bond:

    Why should Republican precinct committeeman vote for your SCC candidacy when you, according to State Board of Elections records, have not contributed generously to the financial success of local and state Republican organizations and candidates over the years?

  5. Stan Bond is an excellent choice for State Central Committeeman.

    He’s also the only Kane County resident in that race.

    I sincerely hope he wins and represents us by zealously upholding the party platform…

  6. As a Kane County Republican, I would like to see a Kane County Republican continue as 14th district SCC, Republicans need a leader who will represent the district above-and-beyond an individual county.

    It was the current 14th district SCC member Jim Oberweis, who was the most vocal to want to oust the then-State Chairman (and Kane County Republican) when he veered away from the party platform on traditional marriage.

    The toughest part about this race is one of the 3 candidates faced a similar challenge when a Republican state representative in Lake County abandoned the party platform for traditional marriage, and was one of the 3 Republicans who sided with the Democrats to give gay marriage the bare minimum of votes to pass, and become law, in Illinois.

    The candidate in the SCC race who did this is Lake County Republican Party Chairman Bob Cook, and Cook not only condemned Lake County State Representative Ed Sullivan for his gay marriage vote last fall, Cook recruited a primary challenge against Sullivan.

    Regrettably, Lake County Republicans in the 51st representative district renominated Sullivan last month.

    Now Cook is being challenged by the moderate wing, led by the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk Keith Brin, because he chose the Republican platform over an incumbent Republican’s voting against the platform.

    It should be pointed out, Brin’s challenge to Cook is endorsed by U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, and as a conservative, if Ms. Topinka is against you on an issue of the party platform, you’ve got to be doing something right.

    A 3rd Republican, Mike Amrozowicz, is also running for party chairman in Lake County.

    So, it’s up to Republican Committeemen in the 14th district, and the choice includes a Republican who stood publicly in support of the Republican platform and could very well lose his county party chairmanship over this stand, and 2 other Republicans, including a fresh-face reformer in Stan Bond, and a state representative who voted the party platform to defend traditional marriage in Barb Wheeler.

    It’s a choice, which will be interesting to see unfold.

    It will be interesting to see if 14th district Republican resident, former Congressman Joe Walsh, weighs-in on this SCC race.

    Cook was the most staunchest defenders of Joe Walsh back in 2010, when residency became an issue in the summer and fall of that year.

    Cook stood by Walsh, and it’ll be interesting if Walsh returns the favor with a public endorsement (or private phone calls/letters to committeemen) for Cook.

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