Salgado & Gasser Seek Support for County GOP Leadership Posts — 5 Comments

  1. It will be nice to see some new & refreshing life brought to the Republican Party here in McHenry County and throughout Illinois.

    Obviously the current regime has not been working.

    They have my vote!

  2. I too think both political parties in Illinois are broken.

    I keep hearing people complain about the current Republican party “regime” I just can’t figure out who that is suppose to be.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Who exactly makes up the current Republican Party “Regime” in the state or the county?

    To me it just sounds like some politican’s creating a boogie man to run against to capitalize on voters dissatisfaction with government.

  3. ButSeriously, you must be very new to McHenry County…

    I’ve been here for less than 3 years and couldn’t help but see an all but dead Republican party just waiting to be resuscitated…

    A few dead giveaway’s right off the bat, were:

    – Majority of precincts unrepresented by committeemen
    – Many precincts filled by appointed, do-nothings not even residing within the precinct
    – Discouraging candidates from running against democrat held offices such as Jack Franks’

    So, in a moment of profound thought… I said to myself “Who’s running this party in McHenry, anyway?”

    and then, in a moment of brilliance it occurred to me to go here:

    That gave me all the names I needed to know…

  4. Paul you forgot the real “leaders”, er, manipulators of the Republican Party here – AJ & JS calling all the shots behind the scenes.

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