Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery’s Take on Budget Meeting

Here’s is Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery’s view of what happened at the Algonquin Township budget meeting:

Larry Emery

Larry Emery

A very enthusiastic group of township residents attended the Algonquin Township Yearly Budget Hearings and the regular Monthly Board meeting.

The board meeting lasted about 15 minutes.

The budget hearings lasted for a little over 2 hours. Here are a few comments of the meeting.

1. I am are pleased with the cooperation and work put in by the Road Commissioner, Supervisor, Assessor, and Clerk for their budgets. In the Supervisor budget, six additional changes to the budget were highlighted and given to us at the meeting. This was partially from discussion last week with Dianne [Klemm]. This is how she was able to get to the -2.7% budget reduction (-4.3% if you include the adjustment to Rental Budget). I indicated I was thankful and needed time to read and work with her again to understand and agree. I have heard this doesn’t always happen with other governments and they’ll read to find out what’s in it “after” it is passed.

2. There was also a change UP from $12,000 to $24,000 for Township Bus Services from the 3/12/14 report we have been working with. This was a very important change to fund the Senior Bus program as has been commented by others. Dollars and support are also in the Road & Bridge fund. Last year their expenses were $1,631 and a budget of $15,000 was submitted and approved. I believe they are working to cover the current operational need for the bus service.

3. As most know, the budget doesn’t necessarily reduce any taxes. That is the Levy. This year’s levy is flat for the town fund and a 1.5% increase in the Road Fund. This is where a reduction would be needed for all to save. The board and the fund managers are responsible to be good stewards of the resources given to us by the taxpayers. I believe we are working toward that goal.

The Town fund was not passed this time. Due the changes given to us at the last minute, as indicated, I will continue work with Dianne and discuss the Town Fund changes.

I am looking forward to the May 14th passed with a -2.1% reduction over last year’s budget. Based on current legality by state law, there is not an option to vote no.

I will also continue discussions with the Highway Commissioner on strategy and his planned major purchases for the 2014-15 budgets for understand and agreement.

The work by the fund managers was done well and reviewed bills where under the budget cap. The township will have an increase to the reserve. Not as much as I calculated as a $300,000 bill was submitted against last year’s budget for new equipment for the board’s payment review.

If anyone has additional concerns or questions, send me an email at I will also put more details in my webpage

Another perspective of the meeting can be found at

meeting (before the 06/30/14 deadline). The Road and Bridge Fund budgets were


Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery’s Take on Budget Meeting — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, while we are on the topic of townships and since you are a watch dog for the people and taxpayers, I am wondering if you could do me a favor.

    My son-in-law has noticed that for the past several months, an ASPLUNDH tree removal service truck has been parked in the Marengo Township parking lot daily.

    Since Marengo Township is a government entity supported by the taxpayers, there should be some type of record indicating why this truck is parked on taxpayer supported property, and what benefit the township is receiving for allowing this.

    Could you inquire?

  2. seems some time ago, you may have seen a “friend’s” semi in the Algonquin Township lot.

    Lots of favors for friends in township government.

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