14th Congressional District State Central Committeeman Candidate Stan Bond Sends Email

A press release from Stan Bond:

Bond, Stan letterhead

I’m Ready For Change At The State Central Committee. Are You?

As a candidate running for State Central Committee in the 14th District I am committed to working for change and for a healthier Republican Party.

From speaking with party activists throughout the district, I know that Precinct Committeemen are looking for more support, more strategy, more materials, more training, and better leadership from the State Central Committee.

And they are absolutely right.

This is how we’ll strengthen the party.

Why This Vote Is Important

Your State Central Committeeman is supposed to represent you in the governance of the state Republican Party. I promise to continually ask for your opinions and I will inform you when important deliberations are about to occur. Nothing is more important to our party than to represent the true values of the voters in this district. If I am elected, your voice will be heard. And you will no longer need to wonder what the state central committee actually does.

Your State Central Committeemen:
• Are voting members of the Board of Directors for the Illinois Republican Party
• Make several important appointments that will impact the party platform and party priorities
• Also serve themselves on several important committees
• Have an important say in party strategy
• Have an important say in party rebuilding
* Help choose delegates to state and national conventions
• Help determine the tools that will be made available to precinct committeemen
My Agenda For Change
More party support for precinct committeemen
I will propose a Central Committee subcommittee specifically to serve and address the needs of precinct committeemen
Develop party branding materials to support your door to door efforts: Republican Principles, Party Platform Highlights, How To Get Involved, etc.
The current 4 year meeting cycle of the convention is too slow and keeps us out of date, we need 2 year meeting cycle
When we promote republican values, everyone wins from local to national
Principled outreach to minorities through neighborhood involvement that makes our party relevant to their lives
My Promise To You
I will serve with energy
I will seek your opinions
I will keep you informed
I will work for appreciation of what Precinct Commiteemen do
I will be your advocate

I will remain loyal to the Party Platform

New Age Media Skills to Help Our Party Succeed
youtubePublicity, Journalism, Public Education and Advertising have been my life’s work since graduating college with a major in Mass facebookCommunications and double minors in English and Social Psychology.

Why is that important?

I don’t think our party is successfully getting its message out, not only to the electorate, but even to its own county and township organizations.

To grow our base and be successful, we must reach out in new ways to new audiences.

With solid experience in mass communication, internet and social media, perhaps I can help the state central committee see possibilities.

And I can certainly find better ways to keep you informed about our party!

Examples of My Service To Our Party
Chairman, Western Kane Co. Republican Organization (Kane County’s Largest Township)
Elected Precinct Committeeman, Sugar Grove 2 in Kane County
Prior to that, elected Precinct Committeeman in Batavia Township Precinct 20
Webmaster and hosting company for www.WesternKaneGOP.com
Trained and Certified Deputy Registrar
Notary Public (Petition Drives)

Yes, like you, I actually walk my precinct. And in parades!

Better Communication

If elected, I promise not only to work for change, but to communicate our progress regularly to the entire 14th District (Dekalb, Kane, Kendall, McHenry, Lake and Will Counties.) Let’s start right now with a mailing list where you can receive up to the minute news. Click Here to sign up for the 14th District e-News. I will work to keep you informed  and most of all, I will listen to you and work hard to press for your twitterpriorities. If you’ve been thinking the state central committee could care less what you think, please send me to represent you. You will see a change, I promise.

More About Stan
Long time business owner – 30 years (web site development, web/email hosting and marketing)
Chief Deputy, Kane County Clerk’s Office
Village of Montgomery elected Trustee
Neighborhood Watch organizer and Watch President – Foxmoor|Fairfield Way Subdivision (1,200+ members)
Batavia Library Board- former elected member
Attends Community Christian Church, Montgomery
Married for 36 years, 3 children, 3 grandchildren
Illinois Leadership Project Endorsements | Letter of Explanation
Kane County Board Chairman, Chris Lauzen (Enthusiastically!)
Kane County Conservative Coalition
Western Kane County Republican Organization Chair, Dennis Ryan (2012-2014)
Kane County GOP Central Committee Treasurer, Bill Keck
Kane County GOP Central Committee Exec. Secretary, Allen Skillicorn
Kane County GOP Geneva Township Chairman, Mike Foote
Kane County Dundee Township Chairman, Raymond Auger
Kane County Treasurer, David Rickert
Sugar Grove Trustee, Kevin Geary

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