Sheriff’s Race: Zinke v. Prim, $76,000 v. $66,700

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

This are far from total numbers, just what the two Republican candidates for Sheriff spent since New Year’s Day.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

But, that’s when the bulk of money in a campaign is spent.

  • Andy Zinke: $75,994
  • Bill Prim: $66,721

The vote totals were

Bill Prim got

Bill Prim got 14,520 votes to Andy Zinke’s 14,423

So, since January 1st, it cost less per vote for Prim–$4.60 each–to Zinke’s $5.29 apiece


Sheriff’s Race: Zinke v. Prim, $76,000 v. $66,700 — 9 Comments

  1. Well, the Best Man Won… and he was up against the regime.

    Thank you Bill Prim for a taking a stand.

    Now maybe McHenry County will clean up.

  2. lol

    The Obana machine spent less money than the McCain Machine in 08, but I’d be willing to bet voter didn’t see his managerial qualities as golden as Prim’s.


  3. Wow, a total of $142,700.00 spend on a feud between State’s Attorney Bianchi and Sheriff Nygren.

  4. I still laugh that Zinke repeatedly said Prim couldn’t understand a County budget!

  5. Nygren you big fool, and to think you promoted the likes of Zinke and company.

    Someone told me that the both of you have a popcorn addiction.

    That I can believe..

    Hey I know, you could consult with Christopher Grote..

    Better bring that crowd of followers who’s eyes are glued to those special editions of “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Now, now Gordy don’t get pushy there is enough to go around for everyone…

    After all, you are the chief popcorn maker and TV program scheduler.

    Arn’t you?

    You really should be thinking about moving to Florida with Nygren and Pack..

    You must realize that the glare is from those nicely polished shoes of yours and we have not seen the sun in these parts for weeks….lol..

    Now move along, you all..

    Get on your J…ck A…s and ride out of town.

    It’s time for Prim to step in with his dedicated team of volunteers and clean up the McHenry County Sheriffs Department…

    the sun will come out tomorrow…


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