Jim Harrisons Appear on Democrats’ Web Site

Jim and Carolyn Harrison’s names have popped up on the web site of the McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee web site.


The names of Jim and Carolyn Harrison as they appear on the McHenry County Democrats’ web site.

Does this means the Harrison, who was first running for Sheriff in the GOP Primary, then announcing he would collect signatures to run as an Independent, really going to run as a Democrat?

If so, gathering the signatures will be a comparative piece of cake compared the onerous requirements for an Independent or Third Party candidacy.


Jim Harrisons Appear on Democrats’ Web Site — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for repeating what I previously had reported on 3/31/14 and 4/09/14.

    I’m surprised you didn’t get any responses to this .

  2. Happy Trails, I did see your post on the blog and there were comments but didn’t see this from Cal.

    Cal maybe there was a mistake and you should run it again more recent.

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