Tryon Grove Road Being Designated Scenic Road

A letter from Steven Greeley, Chairman of the McHenry County Preservation Commission to Tryon Grove Road residents:

Congratulations! Tryon Grove Road has been designated a McHenry County “Scenic Road.”

The Historic Preservation Commission and the County Board would like to thank you and commend your efforts for making Tryon Grove Road one of the most picturesque and delightful roadways in McHenry County.

Because of your hard work and spirit of neighborly cooperation, you have set a standard for all to emulate.

Properties along Tryon Grove Road through Hebron and Richmond Townships or the Village of Richmond will not have any added restrictions or regulations, nor will property owners be required to adhere to more governmental rules.

The designation is strictly honorary — an accolade for making McHenry County look so good!

In recognition also of Local History Month (May), the dedication ceremony honoring this scenic
drive will take place on Saturday, the 3rd of May at 12:30 PM, located at the corner of Grove Road and Greenwood Road.

You, your neighbors, and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. Parking will be along the roadsides. Carpooling is highly recommended.

A flyer is attached for your convenience.

Again, congratulations and thank you for taking such pride in your community. You have created a unique sense of place; you have helped preserve the very special character of McHenry County.


Tryon Grove Road Being Designated Scenic Road — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Steve and all the members of the Historic Preservation Commission on this road dedication.

    As the Commission’s past chairman, I can attest to the difficulty and hard work that goes into such a project, including historical research, compiling of names, dates, pictures and facts, and of course the composition of the application itself which can be dozens of pages.

    It may not seem to many as such a big deal, but the signs that go up designate another part of a growing network of scenic roads in our County which guide tourists and residents alike to the picturesque landscape of our rural areas.

    Please try and attend the dedication ceremony, and support the efforts of these volunteers. I know I will be there.

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