Zinke Admits Defeat

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren shake hands.

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren shake hands.

The Northwest Herald is reporting that Undersheriff Andy Zinke has announced that he will not seek a full recount.

McHenry County Blog reported six days ago that the discovery recount, his right by law, had only found four mistakes.

In the 53 precincts recounted, there were four changes observed.

  • In Alden Township, Prim picked up one vote.
  • In Crystal Lake’s Algonquin 19, Prim lost one vote.
  • In Trout Valley’s Algonquin 23, Zinke gained one vote.
  • In Cary’s Algonquin 46, Prim lost one vote.

There were no changes in the early voting results.

One could project that Zinke would pick up a total of eight votes if ballots from the other 75% of the precincts were recounted. Maybe less, since one could assume that Zinke selected the precincts in which he was most likely to pick up votes.

The two found, plus six more with the same counting error rate observed in the first 53 precincts, would not be sufficient to overcome Prim’s official lead of 97 votes.


Zinke Admits Defeat — 20 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh just looking at his picture…..I think I just threw up.

  2. Bye Bye Andy, that’s what you get for being so pompous and screwing just about all of your patrol staff, and those you didn’t like.

    You finally got yours.

  3. voter and Bill, it has been Nygren, he groomed Zinke.

    When I see a picture of Nygren, I don not have to think, he is the reason I upchuck.

  4. Anotherwatcher: I agree that Nygren groomed Zinke but Zinke is a grown man and capable of making his own decisions.

    I can’t speak for Mr. Prim but I am sure he would agree that it is time to move on and bring everyone together to make McHenry County the best it can be.

    There will be a lot of challenges ahead but with a candidate like Bill Prim this can and will be accomplished.

    A new Sheriff’s Department,
    The Right Man at the Right Time.

  5. To Bill Prim: If I have an emergency and need your departments assistance, will I have the option to select who you send out ?

    Can I request that Zinke not show up at my door ? (assuming he will work for you)…

    I do not trust him.

  6. Believe me, Andy and Keith will find a way to continue watching those famous TV game shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” As for Gordy, he will continue sending out the invitations for those special events. None of them will ever get their fill of popcorn.

    It’s a new day in McHenry County…. So many, have waited years for the Regime to be overthrown by the people of McHenry County…The Regime has been defeated and McHenry County Government will be returned to the people when Bill Prim becomes Sheriff…

  7. Probably…lol….

    Or, maybe they will be cell buddies..

    The corrupt agents, not the ones that follow the law…

    They will probably be going through over buttered popcorn withdrawal.

    And, they will be required to attend the over buttered popcorn, “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” addiction club…

    Gosh, they might even lose some weight…

    Wouldn’t’ want to be ya, Andy and Keith…

    Though, if some of your friends from the local 150 become cell buddies, they might be able to help Andy and Keith dig themselves out.

    Hope, those jail guards are prepared to deal with the likes of them…

    Hey Andy, you will have plenty of time to finish the second edition of your famous book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”…SCARY!

    Not a very nice visual… Yikes!

  8. It would seem Zinke found a new job somewhere?

    Hopefully out of il. Since he has waved the white flag.

  9. Maybe the Z-creature can get a sweet job being Nygren’s caddy in Florida, or, at least, fetching his am coffee and keeping his golf cart charged up.

    Seriously though, Sheriff N is probably kicking himself over picking such a candy-date ….

    and I’m sure cross words were said to ‘Lil Miss Kathy as to why a few more votes couldn’t be ‘found’ ……

    but Sheriff N and his puppet-master Al of N. Wisc. residency nowadays must surely realize the days of milk and honey are long gone …….

    who wants to gnaw on old bones?

  10. I’m not sure if the age limit to get another job as a deputy or police officer is too late for Zinke.

    I thought you couldn’t be over 36 yrs. old, unless you apply for a chiefs job or higher up position…so he might be staying with McHenry county..

  11. It’s not the age he has to worry about.

    You have to be able to think on your own.

    I think I heard of a job opening in Idaho.

    Something about potatoes.

  12. Andy’s reputation will likely prevent him from any Chiefs job in McHenry County

  13. When Bill Prim gets the report on Andy and the Rita Corp/ DEA debacle Andy will be gone.

    I can’t imagine he is going to stick around with all the stuff he’s pulled and wait for Prim to fire him.


  15. Oscar… Haven’t you heard the shredding machines going crazy in Andy’s office….hope Bill can get that report

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