Candidate Andy Zinke’s Last Message to Facebook Friends

McHenry County Unersheriff lost the Republican Primary Election for Sheriff in a squeaker to Bill Prim.

Below is the last campaign Facebook message of Andy Zinke:

Dear Friends,

Undersheriff Andy Zinke at Tuesday's County Board meeting.

Undersheriff Andy Zinke at Tuesday’s County Board meeting.

The 2014 Republican primary race for McHenry County Sheriff is complete. I truly hope that the registered voters in McHenry County realize that the election was decided by less than a 1% margin which was only 94 votes.In a time when so many of us are teaching our children to follow our principles and values, it is imperative that every adult use the awesome power guaranteed to us, by the Constitution of the United States, and use the right to vote.

I have met many great people who make up our communities. We are abundant with truly amazing people who generously give of their time, talents, and generosity. Every elected official should be grateful for the volunteers that are willing to help our neighbors.

The election is over, but our principles remain solid. Strong Leadership, Education, and Experience are keys to long term success.

To my family, staff, campaign workers, and supporters I thank you for your encouragement and contributions to an honorable campaign. I will pray for the next Sheriff and all of our elected officials, in that they are successful in guiding our great place to live, McHenry County, and the people who live here.



Candidate Andy Zinke’s Last Message to Facebook Friends — 30 Comments

  1. Yes, McHenry county voters have voted and decided you were not the right man for the job……..

    STRONG LEADERSHIP…EDUCATION……EXPERIENCE ARE the keys to long term success……and will be with BILL PRIM.



    Goodbye Andy…

    Happy Mother’s Day To Everyone Else !

  2. I wish you well Mr. Zinke , in your next endeavor .

    I know Bill Prim will do what is best for McHenry County and it’s people.

  3. Really Happy Trails?

    Must you be such a horse’s ass?

    Only someone as petty as yourself could twist Zinke’s post into a perceived slam against Prim’s campaign.

    It was morons like yourself – on BOTH sides of the campaign – who made this primary the sad thing that it was.

    Let it go and let Prim go forward without the excess baggage of some of his supportive idiots.

    I would hope that were their positions reversed, Zinke would tell his people to put a sock in in.

  4. Angela surely looks sad seated next to Andy.

    Her time has come as well.

    Bye to you both

  5. Now, now Truthful on, Happy Trails has the right to voice her/his opinion and
    not be called a Horse’s Ass.

    Maybe they know something that we don’t.

    Anyway, Zinke is gone and I myself could not be happier.

  6. It is customary to congratulate the winner.

    Andy proved he’s a child…. again.

  7. Truthful, If Zinke would have written an honest letter, congratulating Bill Prim on his victory, maybe I wouldn’t have said anything………

    He also berated the voter’s for not all coming out to vote ” In a time when so many of us are teaching are children to follow principles and values, it is imperative that every adult use the awesome power guaranteed to us “……..

    He’s upset that if all the voter’s voted , he WOULD have won, instead of losing by only 94 votes. !

    The principles and values of giving the finger to people at a crowded parade and sending out flyers with Bill’s name next to box of money …teaches values ?

    You may think I’m a horses ass , but there are 14,516 other voters that might not think I am.

    They all voted for Bill Prim.

    I’ll let it go NOW !

  8. Good for you Happy Trails.

    People, can’t you read between the lines of Zinke’s
    exit speech.

    What a jerk.

  9. Andy thanked the people who voted for the right man, him.

    I too am amazed at the lack of voter turnout.

    This has to be the laziest county I’ve ever lived in.

    If you can’t get up off your but to come out and vote, and expect the rest of us to carry YOUR load for you, then you deserve what you get and have NO room to complain or gripe about who got elected.

    I also think that early voting should stop immediately.

    You want to vote, make time on election day.

    The slim results from the early voting only goes to prove my point.

    The ONLY exception would be absentee ballots, period.

    What a waste of resources to help lazy people vote/not vote.

    Gus has been spreading a rumor (even tho he doesn’t live in Illinois any more) that he’s stating he has heard that Zinke my be runnung for the Chief’s job in Woodstock.

    If it’s not a rumor, Woodstock would have a GREAT new Chief of Police, period.

  10. If Zinke is applying for a Chiefs job in Woodstock I think the people there are too smart to have him take that position.

    He has to remember his reputation is going to follow him and his reputation is not good as we all know.

    Why would they want that baggage.

    Yes, it was a low voter turn out and if it would have been higher then I know Bill Prim would have won by a lot more votes.

  11. Does …”Go back to your trailer”…or …”maybe you should live in the foot hills of Kentucky”… ring any bells, voter?

    You are pretty quick on the draw for someone who pretends they don’t want to call another out for a comment.

  12. No wave good bye?

    not even with a full hand showing, 4 fingers and a thumb.

  13. AZ supporter, You act like Zinke would have won if more voters had gotten off their butt’s to vote ( as you put it )…….

    I think not….

    I don’t hear anyone complaining about who won…..

    I wish every person would have voted too….( not enough people care about the primary )… show the AZ supporters that Bill Prim would still have won

  14. As long as Republican candidates ignore the Republican platform and vote like Democrats (gay marriage, driver licenses for illegal aliens, medical marijuana, increases in government programs, approval of increases in union contracts, increases in higher education tuition, increases in budgets for conservation districts, on and on and on) VOTERS WILL STAY HOME.


    Hopefully a refresh of management of the McHenry County GOP will result in better candidates.

    If someone cannot commit to the platform, he / she should NOT be permitted to run under the banner of the GOP.

  15. You are right and we have to investigate the people who run as an Independent.

    They are really a Democrat but run as a independent just to win an election.

    Be ware voters it is happening right now.

  16. Zinke and Amati working together in Woodstock…seems appropriate!

  17. You know, you have to wonder who these people really are.

    The establishment GOP is looking more and more like incognito liberals.

    Let’s get McHenry County back to it’s conservative roots — by rooting out the infiltrators.

    Because, that is what it is looking like, on so many levels …..

  18. They aren’t missing too many meals over there in Zinke’s camp.

    Depression relief must be Twinkies and ice cream.

    Now that Zinke is on his way out I’m sure the world is going to get a hold of the Rita Drug Investigation report.

    Zinke will have a hard time being a cop after that.

    Not to mention all the other investigations that are going to finally happen once the Nygren regime relinquishes the office.

    There are not enough shredders in the world to get rid of all the evidence.

  19. Wouldn’t it have been prudent of him to add that he will work together with the GOP and our next Sheriff to keep the county blah blah blah.

    Even if it’s malarkey that’s what is generally said in releases like this.

  20. CU There: yes that is what people usually say in releases but Zinke will never change and it is the poor me attitude and blaming others instead of being accountable for his own lack of votes.

    Zinke loves to say “it’s not my fault.

    Cindy you are right and I apologize for my remarks.

  21. What kind of sentence is, “Gus has been spreading a rumor (even tho he doesn’t live in Illinois any more) that he’s stating he has heard that Zinke my [sic] be runnung [sic] for the Chief’s job in Woodstock.”

    It’s not a rumor that I’ve been stating… Sheesh!

    Zinke can’t be “running” for the Chief’s job.

    Keep in mind that the police chief in Woodstock is not elected. He is hired. Hired by the City Manager (and who gives marching orders to the City Manager?), recommended by the mayor, and appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

    If the Woodstock City Council had six strong, independent members, there would be less of a problem than there is.

    What the mayor wants, the mayor gets.

    Is he too cozy with Jose Rivera?

    Didn’t Rivera carry a MCSD badge and a business card identifying him as the Sheriff’s “Special Advisor”?

    And didn’t he get special visitor privileges at the McHenry County Jail?

    Why was that permitted?

  22. BYE BYE Clown…

    The Walrus has fled to deeper waters in southern Florida.

    Parth flee to California.

    Someone else left quickly to California too…Hum,

    Looks like the citizens of McHenry County have finally spoken, and decided to get rid of the cancer of corruption in McHenry County, and voted Mr. Bill Prim as the next Sheriff of McHenry County,

  23. They can run but they can’t hide…lol….

    The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn….

    Justice will prevail in McHenry County…

  24. Onward to better government in McHenry.

    Congratulations to Bill Prim for an outstanding professional campaign.

    Zinke gets a zero for his stinky campaign.

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