Pam Althoff Fundraiser June 5th

State Senator Pam Althoff is holding a fundraiser on June 5th.

From the address, it sounds like a waterfront event:  38 W. Grand Avenue, Fox Lake.

It’s from the deck of Mechanical, Inc., Stratusvue and Trotter and Associates.

Prices run from $50 up.

Pam Althoff's invitation for her June 5th event in Fox Lake.

Pam Althoff’s invitation for her June 5th event in Fox Lake.


Pam Althoff Fundraiser June 5th — 5 Comments

  1. Really, Pam?

    You, along with the rest of the county GOP have no one running against you — so why the fundraiser?

    When you have a challenger; and that will be soon, a fundraiser will be warranted.

  2. Where are her town halls?

    To be able to speak to her and ask her questions?

    We are expected to pay money to get to speak to her.

    She needs an opponent.

    We need new representation.

  3. I was on a phone townhall where she picked which calls to take.

    How convenient.

    If her push to raise our taxes doesn’t spark outrage I don’t know what does.

    Pam is the top RINO in the county and needs to GO.

  4. Maybe Pam could not fit into Jack Franks schedule for a Town Hall.

    It appears she does not appear at Town Halls or Paragedof any type without Franks.

  5. Legislators like Althoff and Tryon, who are members of their leadership teams, are expected to donate money for campaigns elsewhere in the state.

    The hope is their minority numbers might be increased.

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