Algonquin Township GOP Presenting Robert’s Rules of Order Seminar, How to Run for Office Next Up

The Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee will present attorney Jana Blake, who is a local government parliamentarian, at an hour and a half seminar on Robert’s Rules of Order in Crystal Lake on the night of Wednesday, May 21st.

The event will be held at Colonial Cafe, according to the organization’s new Chairman Demetri Tsilimigras. He ask that those planning to attend call him at 847-532-2025.

Appetizers and refreshments will be provided. And Colonial now serves beer and wine for those who so indulge.
Alg Twp GOP Robert's Rules Invite 5-21-14
As of about ten days ago, over a dozen people form all of the county had signed up.

Potential candidates for non-partisan office next spring need to start thinking about their campaigns soon.

Filing for those which might need a primary election file for election from November 17th-24th and can circulate petitions for the municipalities of

  • Crystal Lake
  • Trout Valley
  • Woodstock

can start August 26th.

Starting December 15th through 22nd candidates for the following offices can file:

  • school board
  • McHenry County College
  • village board
  • park board
  • library board
  • Fox Waterway board
  • Regional Board of School Trustees

Petitions for these offices can be passed starting September 23rd.

Those thinking of running might want to ask Tsilimingis to let them know when the next seminar will be.

It will be on how to win an election.


Algonquin Township GOP Presenting Robert’s Rules of Order Seminar, How to Run for Office Next Up — 6 Comments

  1. Quite a few Illinois Education Association (IEA) locals use Roberts Rules of Orders for their meetings for anything not covered by IEA/NEA/local bylaws and constitutions, state and national Representative Assembly (RA) rules, and regional meeting rules.

  2. This will bring professionalism and order to the meetings.

    Regarding upcoming elections, there are too numerous establishment republicans that need to be replaced.

    The back room deals, secrets, need to be exposed.

    Transparency should be the norm.

    Quite disturbing when you realize what lack of transparency has brought in the Obama admin. & makes one wonder what McHenry county is hiding.

  3. Refreshing to see a political party doing what it should!!

  4. Thanks, Demetri; this is the first time the Party, or any public body, has offered Robert’s Rules workshop.

    Frequently, local boards fumble their way through meetings, using their own hybrid Robts Rules, which, if you’re not armed with the proper procedure, you may be overruled, without justification and your point is lost and defeated.

    This is a good first step of a solid plan the new Chairman Tsilimigras has laid out.

  5. It’s great to see the township leadership actually doing some education. The McHenry County Tea Party has held educational events over the years at the Algonquin Township facility.

    My question is: why is this educational event being held at a restaurant when the taxpayers fund very nice meeting rooms? The meeting room facilities at Algonquin Township on 14 in Cary/Crystal Lake are there for this type of thing… not just bingo and quilting

  6. Laurie, you may want to consider who runs Algonquin Twp.

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