Panera Ready for $10 Minimum Wage

The new automated way to order at Panera's.

The new automated way to order at Panera’s.

Democratic Party House Speaker Mike Madigan proposes inflaming those being paid under $10 with an advisory referendum asking voters if they favor raising the minimum wage to that level.

Coincidentally, Panera Bread has developed an automated ordering device.

The company says it won’t result in fewer employees, but other fast food companies might not agree if they copy the system.

At a cost of $125,000 per store for the new machines, there will be a temptation to save money elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Swiss voters rejected a proposal to set is minimum wage at $24.70 per hours.  The highest minimum wage is 10.66 in Luxembourg.


Panera Ready for $10 Minimum Wage — 3 Comments

  1. 2 quick things.

    1. I believe Australia’s is around 16 an hour. You might want to check that out in reference to your last sentence.

    2. I’m kind of curious why a company has to put out a response saying they are ready for a ten dollar minimum wage. If they want to pay their employees ten dollars an hour, they are welcome to do that. Nobody is stopping them. I find it troubling that people always point to the biggest chains in the world (like Walmart or McDonalds) and say how they can afford it. Yes, I believe THEY can afford it, but I wonder if small and midsize companies would be able to afford it.

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