Munaretto Gets Metra Nod

Marc Munaretto

Marc Munaretto

That’s the story that Pete Gonigam breaks in his First Electric Newspaper today.

Former McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto is the choice of Board Chairwoman Tina Hill.

Munaretto will replace former State Senator Jack Schaffer in the post that pays $15,000 a year.

Metra train at Crystal Lake.

Metra train at Crystal Lake.

Munaretto twice sought election to the chairmanship of the McHenry County Board, running against Crystal Lake’s Ken Koeher.

He served many terms as Algonquin Township Clerk, retiring last year to run for Township Supervisor.

He was beaten by incumbent Supervisor Dianne Klemm of Crystal Lake, who, previously, served as head of the McHenry County Board.

There is no longer health insurance or pension benefits, thanks to legislation sponsored by State Rep. Jack Franks, who had something akin to a blood feud with Schaffer after a billboard critical of Franks was posted close to his Route 47 legislative office in Woodstock.

You can see it below.

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks' attention.

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks’ attention.

Names of the other eleven applicants for the Metra Board appointment can be found here.


Munaretto Gets Metra Nod — 7 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Mr. Manuretto the landlord of the building in Crystal Lake where the police busted up a prostitution ring?

    The same old names just keep popping up time and time again in McHenry County.

    Let a little time go buy in between exposures and the same people just re-invent themselves and come right back around again.

  2. Ha.. I saw something like this coming along time ago.

    Like perhaps on the lonely less travelled road named Hillside, in unincorporated Crystal Lake.

    One cool morning, just as the sun came up a. Opps..cant finish this story yet.



    But rest assure this story will be told.

    Mr. Pagano wasn’t a criminal as portrayed.

    Mr Pagano was a friend to many.

    And these other friends are about ready to talk.

  3. A lot of people have waited a long time for justice in McHenry County…

    Good to know the real story will soon be told…

    Let’s not forget about the Pagano family.

    They have endured years of pain and suffering…

    Rest assured, when they tell the real story, Pagano’s reputation will be restored..

  4. This may be one of the dumber decisions by Tina Hill, er, establishment GOP those that are still standing.

    I have a feeling that the truth will be revealed in our county for the first time in decades.

    Tina, better be careful who you choose for the ethics committee…

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