Obama Testing the Gingrich Approach to Veterans’ Health Care

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

When New Gingrich visited the Lake in the Hills Airport for a rally right before the Illinois Republican Primary Election in 2012, one of his “big ideas” was to unleash private medicine on the backlog of Veterans’ medical needs.

Now the Chicago Tribune is reporting,

“Under pressure to improve care, the Department of Veterans Affairs will allow more veterans to use private medical services to meet growing demands for healthcare, the department announced Saturday.”

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What a concept!

Letting the private sector provide the services that the public sector cannot.


Obama Testing the Gingrich Approach to Veterans’ Health Care — 3 Comments

  1. Gotta admit, love him or hate him, Newt had some good ideas and we wouldn’t be in this mess if Newt were president. (Or any other one of them!)

    However Obama has nearly destroyed the private sector, especially in medicine, so I hope it’s not too late.

    Now, let the rest of us get our care through the private sector & repeal Obamacare!

  2. The application of these ideas are numerous and imagine how time saving and cost savings in US could be applied to the debt and balance the budget and/or take care of the deficit.

    That’s Yankee ingenuity.. Let’s all jump on this bandwagon..

    You go Newt

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