Vicky Smith Gets Her Contract

In August, 2010, a month after she signed her first contract, MCC President Vicky Smith held a press conference.

In August, 2010, a month after she signed her first contract, MCC President Vicky Smith held a press conference.

The first time around, one of McHenry County College’s supporters, Mary Miller, didn’t make it to the meeting.

The result was a 3-3 tie on the vote to approve her new contract.

Tie votes fail.

A special meeting was called for Wednesday night and Miller was there to provide the decisive vote.

About a year ago, according to the new Board’s minutes from April 25, 2013,

“Mr. Wilbeck stated the voters have spoken loudly and want transparency and honesty and asked whether the Board could look into rescinding the contract extension action passed tonight.

“Attorney Rogers responded to Mr. Wilbeck‚Äôs question, noting that the action was a valid act of the Board and is not something that can be rescinded at a subsequent meeting.”

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My reading of Robert’s Rules of Order is that only someone who voted on the prevailing side may vote to reconsider. In the Illinois General Assembly the rules say that has to be done on the same day as the motion.

Maybe we should hold a caption contest for the photo above.

No press conference has been held since…at least none to which I have been invited.


Vicky Smith Gets Her Contract — 8 Comments

  1. The delay with Miller was probably her checking with the County Treasurer, to see if Property Owners were actually stupid enough, to pay all those increases we got tagged with.

    I know they cashed my contributions to refilling that trough, so have at spending it.

    Right Miller?

  2. According to those rules, this should not have happened.

    Where do we go from here to get our complaints registered on this false “fixed” contract?

  3. The solution is to vote in a solidly pro-taxpayer majority next April.

    We knew Kisser, Liddell and Miller were pro-Smith, pro bigger taxes, pro expansion.

    But we were all surprised when the biggest vote getter in April 2014, Molly Walsh, who campaigned for change at MCC, voted IN FAVOR extending Smith’s contract.

    To her credit, Walsh voted AGAINST the big expansion project and voted FOR keeping this year’s levy flat.

    But why she supports Dr. Smith, who has a history of unethical actions, is beyond me.

    Why, Molly? Why?

  4. The best places to start with for guidance if you believe a local government is violating the law and you want to pursue the issue.

    Better Government Association, Chicago

    Citizens Advocacy Center, Elmhurst

    Champion News / Family Taxpayers

    Open The Books / For the Good of Illinois

    Local Tea Party

  5. Thank you, Parrish, Wilbeck, and Jenner…as well as Cal, readers, community members, and Mary Moltman.

    Keep fighting and speaking out!

    Student trustees who spoke: the joke’s on you.

    OF COURSE Dr. Smith supports you…she’s a politician!

    You made yourselves look foolish, selfish, and like poor leaders.

    Do you think Dr. Smith extends the same regard to students who have no money for gas and can’t drive to MCC?

    Or how about parents who work and want to go to school but cannot take their kids to the Children’s Learning Center because Dr. Smith and her pals refuse to fund it?

    Guess what?

    THOSE are the students you are elected to lead and speak for, but you failed to do so here.

    Shame on you.

    How about folks demand Dr. Smith actually prove she is worth this contract?

    Citizens need to and should speak up with proposals to put in front of her.

    Make her accountable for this raise.

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