Dems Set Thomas Jefferson Dinner — 5 Comments

  1. Who cares …. if Jefferson was around these days, the local dems would call him a racist.

  2. Thomas Jefferson?

    The individualist, pro states’ rights, anti big government, libertarian entrepreneur?

    That makes perfect sense for the dems to have a dinner in his name.

    Well, maybe two hundred years ago it would have made sense.

  3. Just rewriting history by co-opting yet another President.

    This is the same party that claim that Republican Abraham Lincoln was a democrat.

    Such I have recently visited both Jefferson’s and Madison’s homes and you are made to listen to propaganda at both sites about their being rich slave owners.

    At Madison’s house you must watch a video berating him then at the end there is a picture of obama looking up to the portrait of Madison with his back to the audience.

    Apparently we’re to contemplate what the grand propagandist is thinking.

  4. Local Dems following the example set by the current President.

    He pretends to support the military while Veterans are left to be without jobs, homeless and without healthcare.

    The local Dems pretend to support the Constitution.

    The Dems have really taken Alinsky to heart.

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