Harvard Police Make Graffiti Arrest

On their Crime Stoppers web page, the Harvard Police asked for citizen assistance in nabbing those spaying graffiti on area buildings:

An example of the graffiti around Harvard.

An example of the graffiti around Harvard.

Harvard Crime Stoppers is looking for information regarding several instances of graffiti over the past several weeks.

The graffiti has been found on buildings, structures and vehicles along the southwest side of town and has consisted of different colors of spray paint.

Crime Stoppers will pay, up to $1000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspect(s) involved in crime; Crime Stoppers does not use caller ID and tipsters can remain anonymous. Please call the Harvard Crime Stoppers at 815-943-4343 or Harvard Police Department at 815-943-4431 with information.

Gilberto Pereda

Gilberto Pereda

Today, the following announcement of an arrest was made:

On Wednesday 05-28-14 at 1810 hrs Gilberto Pereda (m/27 yoa) of 403 E. Thompson St, was arrested for Criminal Defacement of Property after an investigation into this case.

Pereda posted $150 bond and received a court date of 06-18-14 at 1330 hrs.


Harvard Police Make Graffiti Arrest — 3 Comments

  1. Gee I hope this was a case of graffiti and not ” tagging”

    Now where have I heard that before?

    These, (and they are not only kids) have to be caught because who do you think pays for the removal?

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