Grant Proposals for Senior Citizen Services Requested

The Commission for which McHenry County will not release audits is asking for organizations to apply for money.

You can see the notice below:


McHenry County requests proposals from eligible non-profit organizations and units of local government for programs that provide transportation and social services to McHenry County senior citizens.

The Grafton Township bus used by seniors.

The Grafton Township bus used by seniors.

The McHenry County Senior Services Grant Program has funds available to:

  • Provide supportive social services designed to prevent the unnecessary institutionalization of elderly residents.
  • Provide for the operation of, and equipment for, senior citizen centers.
  • Provide social services to senior citizens.
  • Provide for transportation vehicles or services for senior citizens.

Applications can be obtained by calling McHenry County Administration Offices at 815-334-4214 or by visiting the McHenry County website at An informational meeting for those wishing to apply for funding will be held on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. in Conference Room A of the McHenry County Administration Building located at 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, Illinois.

Applications are due to the County by end of business on Monday, August 4, 2014.

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Maybe the County Board will include in the contracts that all audits and management letters of service providers will be made public record.


Grant Proposals for Senior Citizen Services Requested — 12 Comments

  1. I think the most important asset we have are our Senior citizens.

    They should all be on the top of the list for services and we should be taking care of them.

    No doubt about it.

    The only thing that irks me is why they will not release audits and previous and current contract for services.

    We should all see this so we can make sure that the money is used wisely.

    If we use the money wisely then more services can be added.

  2. This is a good service as I know of people that take advantage of it from Senior Services.

    Why are the same services provided by some Townships?

    Seems redundant and an expense that is not needed.

  3. I think it’s a load of crap.

    We seniors can take care of ourselves.

    If not, then the Samaritans in the neighborhood look out for us.

    Don’t need no government sign up programs funded by taxpayers for redundant services.


    Communism is rampant all over this country with the hand clappers getting an emotional high over helping the “poor elderly people”.

    Yeah, right!

  4. How pitiful and ungrateful some people are.

    Thank you to those people who are concerned about services provided to our seniors and for those who relies on those services Not all can rely on neighbors close by.

    I also know that many seniors APPRECIATE those services and I think no one should speak for ALL the seniors.

  5. FYI, I am in agreement with you and think your questions should be answered.

    As far as our other blogger and don’t say we do not understand what you said has a lot of nerve.

    I am a Senior and don’t speak for me you old bitty.

    I use the services that are given and thank the people who give me the services.

    HOW DARE YOU and again I understand what you said and am not taking it wrong because you made it loud and clear how you feel.

    In the future your credibility is nothing and when I see your name posting I will ignore your stupid comments.

    I’m sitting here with other seniors and they all agree with me… We are glad you are taken care of but some of us need those services, so be quite.

  6. The last comment we made was from ” McHenry voter” not “voter” but we do agree with voter.

  7. Busted! Sorry to say this, but only voter could speak that way with all the spelling errors, threats, tantrums and the crowning glory of the personal attack.

    No one else here does that.

    Nice try troll.

    Not very original because you used all the exact same words.

    I think it is pathetic.

    Speaks volumes about the troll in charge.

  8. You are wrong but you argue about everything.

    Be careful people and don’t use the same words other people use or Cindy will bust you.

    Ha Ha

  9. This started out with being such a good conversation but as usual Cindy comes on and ruins everything.

    People will see this and know that.

  10. I was wondering why you think I was voter and then I saw where I wrote about understanding you.

    I read what you said to voter on another subject when you accused voter of always not understanding you.

    So because I wrote that you think I am voter.

    You are one mixed up lady.

    You get everything you deserve when you put down the services to senior citizens so don’t change the subject.

  11. Couldn’t agree more with Cindy.

    I’ve got 40 years of paying for every ‘service’ and program imaginable, under my soon to be senior self.

    I had enough of it in year one.

    If you need it, pay for it yourself.

    If you can’t pay for it yourself, you don’t need it.

    If some of you freeloaders want to help a senior, than sell your house, cash out your 401 and have at it and stay out of my wallet.

  12. unnecessary institutionalization of elderly residents?

    senior citizen centers?

    social services?

    transportation vehicles or services?

    These all seem to be a duplication of services already available to ALL residence of McHenry County.

    If the county wants to talk of making public transportation more user friendly to seniors (ie, from door to store) people like me might lend an ear, but “special” services for “special” groups is never a good idea.

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