Jack Franks’ Push for Local Governments to Consolidate Allows Two Cemetery Districts to Die

With much fanfare Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks announced a commission to cut the number of local governments.

The reporting date came and went.

This spring it was two years overdue.

The Northwest Herald ran an article by Kevin Craver on a bill (House Bill 5875) just pased based on the recently-released report.

Craver points out that McHenry County has “about 145” tax districts, including

  • 30 municipalities
  • 19 school districts
  • 17 townships
  • 17 fire protection districts
  • 13 library districts
  • four park districts
  • two sanitary districts
  • two cemetery districts
Holcombville Cemetery on Crystal Springs Road in Nunda Township.

Holcombville Cemetery on Crystal Springs Road in Nunda Township.

Of the districts listed, only the last two are affected by the bill:

  • the Nunda Township Cemetery District
  • the Richmond Township Cemetery District

Presumably they could be folded into their respective township governments if the bill is signed.

Death with dignity, but the functions and costs remaining.

The Richmond Township Cemetery District levied $24,575.50 for the bills being paid this year.

The Nunda Township Cemetery District will cost taxpayers a maximum of $19,762.55 this year.

The total McHenry County property tax bill this year is $797,394,337.99.

Most of Richmond Township is in Franks’ district; none of Nunda Township is.

In Algonquin Township, Road Commission took over maintenance of the Crystal Lake Cemetery on Lake Avenue.  He even replaced an unsightly fence with wrought iron.


Jack Franks’ Push for Local Governments to Consolidate Allows Two Cemetery Districts to Die — 34 Comments

  1. ok lets see if I understand whats happening here….

    Richmond gets $24,575.50 and Nunda gets 19,338.55 for cemetery upkeep………..
    totaling $44,338.05……..

    I would be hard pressed to justify 15,000 for both leaving an excess of about $30,000………gee wonder where that went?

  2. Holcombville cemetery is part of McHenry County History….

    The cemetery is connected to the large old white home in the Holcombville subdivision…

    The land in the area was once referred to as “Singing Hills”

    The Holcombs that once lived there, came to McHenry County starting in about 1800.

    Colonel Holcomb brought his family from the east coast.

    Many died from typhoid disease… also know as Salmonella Typhi..

    It is my understanding that the residents of the Colonel Holcomb House, the Walkup house (Mike Walkup), and the Palmer House were once some how connected through politics and Government….

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Mike Walkups family came here in 1835 and his Great Grandfather was one of the first Sheriffs of McHenry County…

    Though Holcomb was referred as a Colonel we do not know if that was a nick name or if he was actually a Colonel assigned by a Government entity in some way….

    The only way to determine that is by doing research in Springfield, Illinois.

    The cemetery should be preserved as part of McHenry County History.

    Agreed, Bill Matteson

  3. Here’s my understanding of some early settlement dates.

    1831 – 1834: Samuel Gillilan in what is now Algonquin becomes the first settler in McHenry County.

    1836: McHenry County formed when it splits off from Cook & Iroquois Counties. At that time McHenry County included Lake County.

    1839: Lake County created by splitting from McHenry County.

  4. Based on the most recently filed AFR, Richmond has about five years of forward coverage in reserve.

    $3,000 is reported as being paid in salaries.

    Based on the AFR for Nunda Township, the Township Cemetery is a line item for the Township.

    Bob Anderson of Wonder Lake will likely come out to demand an end to Nunda Twp.! ]


    The COUNTY would do a much better job managing the cemetery and provide the Township Services.


    That would at least double the cost?

    Bob never applies accurate cost numbers to his demand to end Townships!

    The County can’t even manage the jail!

    The County Board approved use of the jail to incarcerate illegal aliens knowing the reimbursement with federal tax dollars would not even come close to covering the expense of those prisoners!!

    What was the County Board next action?

    Use taxpayer dollars to hire a NEGOTIATOR to try to get more money (tax dollars) from the federal government!

  5. McHenry County has a rich history and it should be preserved..

  6. Straight from their private enterprise website:

    “Since the mid-1960’s, the McHenry County Historical Society has provided the methods and means of presenting McHenry County History to enrich life.”

    Feel free to make a donation – privately.

  7. I agree to preserve the history aspects…………..that wasn’t the question.

    the question is, Where is the money going???????????

    how about a break down of money spent and to who,for what and why…….

  8. There should be transparency and financial accountability in Government.

    And, the tax payers have the right to know where the money is going.

    Clearly, Franks owes the tax payers a detailed explanation as to who, what, and why.

    So far he has not provided that…

    We have yet to hear from Jack Franks…

  9. Where you be Jack?….

    Sure hope your’e not in Gordy’s chambers eating popcorn… Over buttered popcorn is not all it’s popped up to be.

    Are you a fan of those famous Tv shows ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right” Just asking…

    Jack spends a lot of time at the McHenry County Court House. What ya doin Jack?

    Oh, I know, you must be visiting friends.

    Please do not be digging any more holes in McHenry County. Because of Andy Zinke and Jim Harrsion, they are running out of excavators, Further, I know Keith Nygren isn’t going to help you get out of any hole.

    Hey Jack, the people of McHenry County awaits your response… Just in case you don’t remember the questions, for who, what, why and how much?

  10. Hey Jack, the tax payers of McHenry County are waiting for answers from you….

    Actions speak louder than words and if you can’t provide an explanation, saying nothing says it all.

    You owe the tax payers transparency in Government…

    Come on Jack, whatsa matter your not professional enough to give the fine folks of McHenry a detailed explanation for your goals?…

    Boy oh boy, we will remember the next time Jack Franks runs for State rep..

  11. I doubt that Jack Franks will waste his time replying, considering that there is only the five of you opposing his idea.

  12. Doreen… Only cowards don’t reply to the tax payers they are suppose to serve…

    Is Jack Franks a coward?

    If he doesn’t provide legitimate answers to the tax payers, I am of the opinion he is a coward…

    Further Doreen, you are so presumptuous.

    How is it that you know there are only five people opposing the idea?..

    Have to say that is a very arrogant conclusion on your part…

    Please step down from your pedestal….and bring Jack Franks with you.

  13. No, I am not arrogant. I am basing my comment on the posts made here Mr. Wonderful.

    It is nice outside today, go out and get some air and have a wonderful day.

  14. Thats right, you are basing the number of “total people’ who oppose Jacks bill, based on this story of 5 commenters…

    Very impressive, you can count to 5…

    And, you conclude that there could not possibly be more than 5 people besides the ones that have commented on this story…

    Hmmmm not a very good analogy Doreen.

    Please remove yourself from that big fat pedestal of yours.

    Remember, Jumping Jack may also fall off the wall, but believe me all of the men from King Nygren’s entourage won’t be able to save Jack..

    Nope, Jack will have to save himself and provide the appropriate answers to the tax payers…

    Where you be Jack?

    So far, all I see is one of Jacks big fat holes similar to the ones Jim Harrison and Andy Zinke have dug for themselves.

    Poor Jack, there just aren’t enough excavators to go around…

    I don’t think Nygren’s pockets are that deep, but you never know…

    You are right Doreen it’s nice outside and you clearly need some fresh air, so you can get those brain cells moving again…

    Hey, I know, go talk to Gordy, maybe some of that famous popcorn will help…

    You can even have extra butter if you want…

    Gordy has lots of butter…

    But, just remember, he doesn’t like to share, even if there is enough to around for everyone..

    Ok Bill Matteson we have asked the difficult questions.

    Now it’s time for that coward Jack Franks to answer them…

  15. Whatsa matter Doreen, something got your tongue?

    Next time, you might to think before you type…..lol…

    If Jack Franks hired you as his campaign manager, you would be doing all of McHenry County a favor….

    “A BIG FAVOR” Call Tamara she”s an expert on “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

    Apparently, the both of support the same premises and you both have have some very interesting ways of evaluating situations and numbers…

  16. Jack Franks “COME ON DOWN” and answer some questions…

    I can assure you, those famous Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right” are even better when you share a big bowl of Gordy’s over buttered popcorn…

    Gordy is an expert at popcorn….

  17. Jack Franks………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  18. Wow, there you go off again, you should look into getting your premenstrual dysphonic disorder under control.

  19. Are you sure you know what that means?

    After all, you can barely count…

  20. I was going to say comment but Duncan you are right on.

    You are 100 % correct and maybe one day Doreen will be able to continue on to number 6

    You all had a nice conversation going until Doreen made those stupid remarks

  21. Sorry Mr. Wonderful, can’t talk right now, I am on holiday and I am watching those famous TV shows, and eating popcorn, with buttered too!

    Be happy…….

  22. It’s old news Doreen….

    Hey, you could count popcorn and that way maybe you will actually learn to count….

  23. Hey Jack, I have a really, really, good book I am writing and will be published.

    Don’t you want to know what it will be called? Ok, I will tell you anyway…

    It will be called “Corruption McHenry Style” by Duncan McHenry….

    It’s gonna be a really, really good read…

    I am not saying your corrupt of course. Just saying….

  24. Jack Franks come out, come out wherever you are…………………………Oh sorry you must be eating your popcorn.. Happy popcorn night, Jack Franks…… But, let me tell you Jack, you are not being paid to eat popcorn. Your job is to serve the people…… Looking forward to your response. Let’s see will you show the people of McHenry County that you are nothing but a big fat coward? Or, will you show the people of McHenry County that you respect the people you serve and answer the questions?

  25. Jack????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. voter and duncan relish being internet bullies Doreen.

    I’ll apologize for their antics.

    They cannot seem to get beyond dabbling in their own arrogance as they battle anyone with critical thought–they view divergent views as direct threats to their positions and, as you can easily discern from their oft-rambling and inane verses, they fly off the handle with idle threats and eroded bylines. You two (if you are indeed two….) are really something else.

    Anyone who challenges your tenuous grasp on reality finds themselves in your provincially minded cross-hairs.

    In lieu of supporting their stance (its readily apparent they can’t), they merely lob insults and innuendos in a concerted effort to quell dissent.

  27. Don’t be mad at Duncan because they know what they are talking about
    Truth hurts but get used to it

  28. Hey “Really” Lawyer up! Really!

    Clearly, you are nothing but a “Regime Supporter” and that means you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about…

  29. Hey Jack, the people of McHenry County are waiting for your explanation… ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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