So, You Might Want to Run for Office

Steve Willson, the campaign manager for successful McHenry County College Board candidates Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner will conduct a seminar on how to win an election on June 23rd at Republican Headquarters in Crystal Lake.

Flyer for the Algonquin Township Republican Party's candidate training session.

Flyer for the Algonquin Township Republican Party’s candidate training session.

Topics to be considered are

  1. Legal requirements to stay on the ballot
  2. Importance of a planning calendar
  3. Budget: how much and where do you get it
  4. Tools:  advice on theme, signs, literature
  5. How to find and use volunteers
  6. How to work a precinct
  7. and much more!

While Willson has not run for office in McHenry County, he was elected Township Trustee in the “People’s Republic of Oak Park,” as he refers to his former home.

Those planning to attend are asked to call Township GOP Chairman Demetri Tsilimigras at (847) 532-2025. This session is not limited to residents of Algonquin Township or those interested only in running for partisan office.


So, You Might Want to Run for Office — 2 Comments

  1. Do you think Harrison should go to this.

    Go to his facebook ,here is HArrisons quote:

    If money is tight or you need some extra cash, we’ll pay you $2.00 for every signature that you get.

    Wow, now he is offering money.

    Must not have those signatures.

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