McHenry County Blog Blocked at the Courthouse as a “Security Violation”

A friend of McHenry County Blog was on jury duty recently and tried to read it while waiting.

You can read the message that popped up below:

McHenry County Blog is apparently a danger to county employees.

McHenry County Blog is apparently a danger to county employees.

“Access to is not permitted by McHenry Countys (sic) security policy,” the “Security Violation” alert says.


McHenry County Blog Blocked at the Courthouse as a “Security Violation” — 25 Comments

  1. lol Freedom of speech is not allowed anymore.

    I also noticed that J Harrison’s site has my comment in moderation limbo.

    Cal, your site is not working correctly, either.

    Some things are quirky today.

    Makes ya wonder what’s really going on.

  2. Most leisure websites are blocked in the county building.

    I suspect that this policy is to discourage county workers from surfing the internet on their work computers.

    I wouldn’t take it personally, Cal.

  3. Cal, it is probably due to the fact that you have so many photos that download when a person comes into your blog.

    You blog takes up many gigabytes when you log onto the site.

    I’m sure this issue is a built in security system to protect from viruses.

    And yes Cindy is also correct Cal.

    Your blog has been difficult to access at times recently.

  4. People in the court house are logging into MCB and other blogs daily…

    It’s like the next newspaper hot off the press, they can’t wait to read the next comment….lol…

    I have been told that as people walk down the halls other individuals are glued to their phones, iPads, and computers, just waiting for more information from MCB.

    Sometimes, you can hear people laughing and yes even talking about the information from the blogs…

    Much to Nygren and Zinkes dismay, MCB has a very captivated audience.

    One can understand how the local blogs and McHenry County Politics has become a source of daily interest, entertainment and controversy.

    It is no surprise that employees are distracted from their jobs…lol….

    Thats social media for you.

    Further, it demonstrates that people are listening to the blogs, the crusaders, the politicians and more….

    The next question is, will social media change the landscape of corruption in Illinois?

    I believe it will…

    Knowledge is power.

    People will continue to cast their vote with informed and knowledgable decisions, because of social media.

    There is nothing like educating people with the power of the vote.

    Social media has changed McHenry County politics forever… The number of people logging into this particular blog has doubled since the election… Another, great source of information…

  5. That’s good because people like you, Duncan, can’t spread your corruption throughout the county building.

  6. “DuckDuckGoose”..

    That comment is outright slander……

    Haven’t you learned from the Shenanigans of “Fukoku?”

    Apparently, not….

    I am not corrupt and I have told no lies.

    You apparently are a “Regime Supporter” Further, my guess is that you love your over buttered popcorn….

    Hey, I hear Gordy has a special editions of those famous Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right” running all the time in his Judges Chambers.

    Go ahead, and go watch your favorite Tv shows….

    Just beware, he doesn’t like to share……

    Sure hope your’e up for a round of depositions in Rockford “DuckDuckGoose” Losing sleep at night, are you?

    It’s understandable, as you have a lot to worry about, as it looks like your goose is cooked…lol…..

    Care for any goose anyone?

  7. Duncan,I guess Ducky doesn’t like people who know what they are talking about.

    Duck or goosey or whatever if you are trying to discredit Duncan McHenry you can’t because you people KNOW she has the facts.

    Outright Slander: sure is

  8. Many of those in charge at the Sheriff’s Dept hated Cal’s blog and Gus’ blog with a passion.

    Most of their attention was driven to find out how these blogs had certain information that they wanted to keep from the public.

    One can only hope that if Prim wins then those days will be over.

    It’s funny but I don’t remember them being concerned about Sir Pumpkin Longshanks blog at all.

    We all know what became of him.

    A wise administrator would make everything known and transparent. But, that goes against everything they do on Ware and 47.

    Remember you are only the public who foots the bill. You have no right to know what your county government us up to.

  9. They tried to shut up the victims, many times, by trying to find ways to discredit them through the McHenry County, so called legal system.

    In the process, lives were destroyed and some lives were even lost.

    The problem was, I was armed with the truth and wasn’t willing to stand on the sidelines and watch it all happen, and they knew it…. and I am still armed with the truth. My family, prevailed in many ways, lost a lot and moved on with our lives.

    Though, we are here to continue to stand for the truth and say no more to corruption in McHenry County.

    When someone is victimized by corruption, there is a ripple effect that runs through entire families and communities.

    When you change one persons life adversely, you change many peoples lives.The consequences are far reaching and devastating… The impact on lives is broad and for many will take years and even generations to recover from.

    You are right “CP” the tax payers pay for the shenanigans of any corrupt Government, with their hard earned dollars…

    We can only hope, that all of the people of McHenry County will wake up and finally realize what has been going on in front of their noses….

    Is there corruption in McHenry County? You bet there is!….

    The people have the power to create change by getting involved, and casting their votes for the people that represent change in our government. “CHANGE THE LEADERSHIP, CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT…

    Vote for, Bill Prim…

  10. Duncan,

    How can I slander you if you’re not real!!1

    You’re just a name on a blog!!!

  11. 2 I have nothing to slander at!!!

    What, a name!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

  12. Ducky Goose

    take your medicine and go to sleep.

    You have nothing of great importance to add to this blog.

  13. Ducky Goose “voter is right” you have nothing of great important to add to anything including this blog.

    Make sure you get a double does of your meds…

  14. All I know is, I have a pond on my property and it’s filled with geese………..they are all full of crap !

  15. “DuckDuckGoose” was Pyle’s screen name on MCB, a few years ago…

  16. l.o.l. l.o.l. l.o.l. love your comment Happy Trails !!!!

    How in the world can a blog start out being about a Security Violation and ending up talking about geese poop? l.o.l. l.o.l.

  17. You guys quack me up!


    For the record, I sleep just fine!

  18. FOIE GRAS………..ARE YOU 8 YRS. OLD ?

    Who says hahahahahah ?

  19. I’m not 8 years old, you guys are!

    And all of you say hahahahaha to yourselves in the mirror when all your meds wear off when you get up in the morning!

    Just lay back in bed and put cold washcloths over your faces!

    And of course, take your meds again!

  20. If you can’t think of what to say then don’t be a copy cat

    Does anyone have a good recipe for stuffed goose.

  21. “DuckDuckGoose77”

    No you don’t act like you are 8, more like a 2 year old..

    Now go sit in the corner, your dunce cap awaits you..

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