Capitol Fax Blog Commenters Not Kind to Jack Franks

Few in his McHenry County district probably read Capitol Fax Blog, but Wednesday’s publicity about Jack Franks’ latest “headline bill” did not win rave reviews.

Rich Miller, who writes Capitol Fax Blog concluded,

But, c’mon, unless he’s willing to say he’d vote against MJM for Speaker next year, this ain’t exactly a serious proposal.”

Here are some of the comments:

“Jack Franks is among the most shameless grandstanders of the caucus.”

“How many members of Illinois General Assembly would grandstand as much as Jack Franks if they were as good at it as Franks?”

“Jack is more interested in making headlines than he is in making good policy. Im not sure he has ever enacted any meaningful legislation that would call for real media press.”

“For all the political criticisms remember we all get the government we deserve.”

“And while we are on the topic of who is brave and who is not…

“Bravery is voting for things like pension reform and the tax increase…Jack likes to rail and rail against ideas supported by a majority of his party and then enjoy the benefits of his colleagues work when the lights go down.

“He is the least bravest in that caucus.”

Jack Franks at Milk Day Parade.

Jack Franks at Milk Day Parade.

“People should stop defending Jack as some knight of courage when he is the exact opposite.”

“Is this the same Jack Franks who pledged to serve only three terms when he was running in 1998?”

“I doubt if Madigan cares, because Franks will still vote for him.”

“I had to laugh when Jack got himself in all the papers railing on about how seats on boards and commissions shouldn’t be paid because they’re part time jobs… without seeing the hypocrisy that he isn’t giving up *his* salary for *his* part time job.”

“This is typical Jack Franks grandstanding.”

“If he could combine the bill with yet another Franks Fundraiser, that would be perfect.”

“If Jack Franks had any testicular fortitude, he would have ran against Randy Hultgren in 2012. He would have won with the Obama wave.”


Capitol Fax Blog Commenters Not Kind to Jack Franks — 5 Comments

  1. Miller is an establishment Democrat, and has been in the pocket of the Madigans.

    He is consistantly in the position of expanding state government and the suburban sources of tax money to support it.

    To demonstrate evenhandedness, he was always a big booster of George Ryan and his political operation, like Jeff “Road Rage” Ladd for AG.

  2. I’m glad someone outside of Mchenry County sees Franks for what he is, a big fake.

  3. I also believe Jack is a good politician but he is not good for the people.

    Jack is out for Jack.

    That said, it appears Miller is spouting sour grapes because Jack would not run against Hultgren.

    This year the voters of McHenry County have another opportunity to retire Jack but it will not happen unless people who do not read this blog get out to vote.

    Based on voting records, the solid conservatives are staying home to protect the lack of solid conservative candidates and all of society is paying the price!

    Remember Franks voted for gay marriage and it appears he has never voted against any legislation which grants more power to unions!

    Get out the vote for Reick!

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