“All Politics Are Local” – Aaron Schock Edition

Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock

Details about how much Congressman Peter Roskam lost his campaign for U.S. House Whip have not dribbled out yet.

But it was obvious since the fight broke out that Peoria’s Aaron Schock was campaigning actively for the eventual winner, Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Now, media sources are suggesting he might replace Roskam as the Chief Deputy Whip, an appointive position.

Some had touted Schock for Governor this time around.

So how might stabbing a prominent suburban Republican in the back affect a future statewide run?

As former House Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics are local.”

No one in Louisiana votes in Illinois.


“All Politics Are Local” – Aaron Schock Edition — 3 Comments

  1. We will never know who voted for who because the vote is secret ballot.

    Here are the ranking numbers from Heritage relative to Republicans in D.C.

    Rep. Randy Hultgren 93

    Rep. Peter Roskam 211

    Rep. Aaron Schock 231

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger 237

    Rep. Rodney Davis 242

    Sen. Mark Kirk 247

    Scalise ranked number 53.

    Note that the Republican Party openly worked to replace Manzullo with Kinzinger.

    Manzullo used to have the highest rating within the Illinois delegation.

  2. Aaron Schock running for governor?

    There are currently 2 hypocrites running- why not toss Aaron in for the 3-way?

    That’s a joke, by the way.

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