Joe Walsh Back on the Air

Joe Walsh speaking at McHenry County College.

Joe Walsh speaking at McHenry County College wearing his WIND shirt.

A commenter on my article about WIND’s having taken former Congressman Joe Walsh off the air while he was trying to compare the word “redskin” to more universally condemned terms for other races alerted me to the fact that he was on the air again Friday night.

Alex Rogers wrote at 7:16 Friday night:

Clearly people did not listen to what Joe said.

There is a double standard in our society.

If I am black I can drop the word and no one thinks twice… if I am white… I am the devil.

Joe is on the air tonight – ratings will be through the roof.

Those who are ignorant will claim racism – those who listen to what was said will be forced to think.

I asked Walsh via email if it were true and got the following reply:

Yup. All good.

Incomplete Chicago Tribune story on Joe Walsh's being kicked off the air on WIND.

Incomplete Chicago Tribune story on Joe Walsh’s being kicked off the air on WIND.

While he was off the air, State Rep. Jeanne Ives, a regular contributor to Illinois Review, wrote a piece which was titled,


If you read the comments under that article and under mine, you will see there was a divided reaction to both Walsh’s attempt to discuss racial terms and Ives’ condemnation of Walsh.

Both the Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune ran internet stories on Walsh’s being kicked off the air on Friday.

Strangely, the Tribune ran that story on Saturday in its print edition with no mention that Walsh was back on the air Friday night.

It was placed on page three.


Joe Walsh Back on the Air — 7 Comments

  1. Having heard the comments uttered by Dan Proft on his show on Friday morning, I conclude that he must work closely with Jeanne Ives.

    Her written comments are almost verbatim what came out of Proft’s mouth.

    When a liberal is attacked, other liberals ‘circle the wagons”.

    When a conservative is attacked, some other conservatives form a circular firing squad.

  2. He’s right, there is a double standard..

    Remember, the Black Mis America Pageant?

    If white people had a White Mis America Pageant it would be considered discriminatory, but it’s not considered discriminatory to have a black pageant.

    There are many double standards.

    Many black people call the white people crackers, honkey and more…

    Not that we should be using the words to offend anyone.

    Though, we are protected by The First Amendment which allows freedom of speech.

    We should be able to speak the words, without someone call for a race card..

  3. Maybe We Should be calling the race card.

    Joe Walsh says what a lot of people think.

    Happy he is back on but too bad he is censored.

  4. I like how Cal Skinner doesn’t use an N bomb in his post ever to describe Walsh.

    If no such double standard concerning language between races should exist, why not be a maverick and use the N word?

    I don’t think anyone rejects the notion that you can have a conversation about race, they reject the notion that a conversation about race does need to include the explicit use of words like the N word.

    And with regard to the notion of black privilege that Cal’s commentor cries about, I would point to history; America just elected it’s first black president 6 years ago, didn’t have it’s first black Supreme Court Justice until 1991 and we are still only two 75 year old black ladies away from the Civil War.

    Time heals, but to minimize the effects of race in America today is nothing short of absurd.

    To condone the comments of a shock jock conservative radio commentator is absurd.

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