Critics of Continuous Flow Intersection at Algonquin & Randall Roads Make Progress

In Sunday’s Northwest Herald, Executive Editor Dan McCaleb announces he has changed his mind on the County Transportation Department’s desire to build a Continuous Flow Intersection at Algonquin and Randall Roads.

Going west on Algonquin Road toward Randall Road.

Going west on Algonquin Road toward Randall Road.

Strangely, the NWH has published nothing I have seen on the detailed critique prepared by the Citizens Group for Public Accountability. If you would like to read it, you can find it in the article below:

Citizens’ Group Attacks Continuous Flow Intersection on Randall Road

The McHenry County Board replied to the critique, which you can read in the article linked below:

McHenry County Defends Randall Road Project

Another article that might be of interest speaks of the population drop in the area:

Population Dropping, But CFI Based on Increase

Dan McCaleb

Dan McCaleb

McCaleb talks of his use of the intersection, which provides some frustration, but suggests those frustrations “don’t necessarily justify spending so much taxpayer money [$15 million] on an experimental road design that many local government officials and businesses oppose.”

His conclusion?

“In the end, I don’t think saving a few seconds of driving time is worth the risk to businesses or the added expense.”

He does admit that he might change his mind again.


Critics of Continuous Flow Intersection at Algonquin & Randall Roads Make Progress — 6 Comments

  1. Who is Dan McCaleb?

    Why do we take seriously a newspaper editor?

    Just because we all occasionally read an article written by him, all of us are to think that HIS opinion is better than the guy sitting next to us at the bar?

    If anything, a newspaper editor is the LAST person we should take seriously.

    Our state is financially falling off the cliff and they basically give Springfield a pass.

  2. How can ANY non-essential project spending public money go forward when local property tax rates are above 3% of home value and rising as home values fall?

    Another timely consideration, relevant to a recent article on this blog: won’t this project be subject to Illinois ‘prevailing wage laws'(which force workers to be paid hourly wages stated as 50% higher than Federal labor wage rates)?

    Are any Board members who claimed to be chagrined by PW law voting ‘yes’ to spending public money on Randall Road?

  3. Will there be enough room on Randall Road, when Zinke drives his Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle.

    I thought that’s why they wanted continuous flow….. Intersection……waste of money…….MRAP….. waste of money !

    How much did Zinke spend on that hunk of junk ?

    And is it liquid propane ?

    Better get a helmut, when you ride in that vehicle, while you’re trolling for mines, on Randall Road !

  4. I agree.

    Who is a newspaper editor other than a liberal supporting the Democratic political agenda?

    Thank goodness we rely on the newspapers for “honest” reporting. What a laugh. Liberal illiterate rags, and they know it.

    How about Michael Madigan, Mr. Caleb?

    EVERYONE knows he’s a corrupt tyrant who controls Springfield running our state into the ground ruining generations of honest people…where are your “investigative reporters”?

    Your lazy losers waiting for the police press releases – leaving the “news” to be determined by thugs like Sheriff Nygren.

  5. Caleb sits on the Board for Pioneer Center.

    When Dan writes, generally the majority of McHenry County Board members read and heed.

    The “old guard” politicians in McHenry County appear to fear negative editorials.

  6. LOL, “Cautious Voter”.

    You obviously live within the “fantasyland” that is McHenry County politics.

    Ooooo…the McHenry County Board pays attention to McCalebs articles!

    Wow, a group of 24 misfits who are the only readers of his analysis take notice.


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