Steve Reick Taunts Jack Franks Over Continuing Motorola Vacancy

Steve Reick made contact with those watching the parade.

Steve Reick made contact with those watching the parade.

In his latest campaign post, Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick points to the employment problems in McHenry County.

Quoting Crain’s Chicago Business, he points out,

“McHenry County wages were down 8.8 percent, the largest drop in Illinois and nearly the largest drop in the nation.” 

Weekly manufacturing wages have decreased almost 31%.  More details, including the average weekly manufacturing wage can be found here.

But the most interesting part of the post is a short YouTube post showing an empty Harvard Motorola Plant.

Reick ties the poor business climate to Democratic Party opponent Jack Franks and Mike Madigan, the man Franks has voted to run Illinois eight times.


Steve Reick Taunts Jack Franks Over Continuing Motorola Vacancy — 9 Comments

  1. How laughable.

    Reick complains about wages decreasing and wants to decrease the minimum wage.

    What a schmuck.

  2. The truth is that Franks or Reick in office is no promise that the Motorola plant will ever again be used for manufacturing.

    The chief problem is that when the building was created, it could only be used structurally for light manufacturing.

    Who is going to remodel it?

    They would probably want/need a tax break.

    Both Reick and Franks would be against it.

    Is Reick promising to bring Motorola back or anyone to inhabit the building?


    He knows he can’t.

    So he makes a bogus add claiming that Franks’ opposition to every tax increase in Il is somehow related to Motorola.

    That’s two pinnichios for you candidate Reick.

  3. No duh, Frank.

    Nobody could follow that train of thought.

    What he seems to imply is that this would NOT happen had someone in charge been on their toes.

    I’m sensing your dissatisfaction with someone here.

    Just hard to tell who you are so angry about.

  4. I’m not angry, trust me Cindy, just enjoying overly buttered popcorn over Reick trying to tie Madigan and Franks to the closing of a Motorola Factory because of tax increases Franks has never voted for.

  5. This whole story is a ridiculous political ploy.

    The Motorola Harvard plant was a boondoggle from the beginning, that Motorola never should have built.

    At its peak, it was only ever 1/3 utilized.

    The only engineering staff willing to commute there were those who wanted to live in the Lake Geneva area.

    Those applying for manufacturing, only 1 in 10 were able to successfully complete the basic skills test (that means basic spoken/written English, and simple addition/subtraction math).

  6. Hey “Frank” ………………….

    You just wouldn’t be “Franks” would you?

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