Obama Presidential Library Drawing Surfaces

I’m guessing my idea to put Barack Obama’s Presidential Library in DeKalb to replace Cole Hall where the 2008 mass shooting occurred isn’t going to occur.

If Obama really cared about that problem, what could be a better place.

There is a site in Bronzeville (that’s on the South Side of Chicago) for which a schematic has popped up.

HOK, a global architectural and engineering firm, has offered a drawing of its proposal for Obama’s Presidential Library.


HOK, a global architectural and engineering firm proposes this for President Barack Obama’s Presidential Library.

The splash pool in front is a nice touch.


Obama Presidential Library Drawing Surfaces — 6 Comments

  1. I had some ideas for the Obama library too.

    First, I don’t care where or how it’s built, I just want people to walk in the door and say “you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen”

    I think there should be a special room just for the teleprompter, and photo galleries throughout the library showing all the great vacations the Obama’s have taken, on our dime of course.

    Then there’s location, location, location!

    I think there should be a welfare office next door where people could get all their “free” stuff.

    The other neighbor could be a pawn shop where you could sell your things to afford your Obamacare premiums.

    Maybe across the street there could be a shuttered GM dealer or green energy company.

    Speaking of the street, it would have to be one-way, since everything has to be Obama’s way or no way at all.

    And you’d have to take a HARD LEFT to get in the driveway.

  2. It should not be built in this country.

    No dictator should have a library.

  3. Screwdge

    You couldn’t have said it better.

    Actually the building should be empty.

    He has done nothing but cause trouble and should be impeached as far as I’m concerned.

    The people who voted for him better not be complaining because they caused their own problems.

  4. I don’t believe that all Presidents deserve a Presidential Library.

    Certainly, Barack Obama does not deserve one.

    I would like to see this “library” built in his birthplace.

    I strongly doubt it would be Hawaii.

  5. Well it certainly won’t be built in McHenry County with their hatred

    Seems Bush doesn’t deserve a library for getting us in so much debt for the Iraq war.

    Too bad people are petty around here.

    That is why people are leaving for other counties.

  6. Interesting how stated facts are turned into hatred by liberals.

    Which one is the racist?

    The one making factual statements or the one using spiteful words?

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