Help Wanted – Election Judges – $140 Minimum

Burton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Lori White is seeking Republican Precinct Judges.

She even created a “Help Wanted” ad.

Help Wanted Nov 2014Help Wanted

November 4th, 2014

Become a Republican Election Judge

Earning potential minimum $140.

Help Wanted in Burton 3 Precinct

Location Spring Grove Fire Station

Call Mary Lou at the McHenry County Clerk’s Office 815-334-4250

Call Lori White 847-380-6013-Burton 3 Republican Precinct Committeeman

= = = = =
Precinct judges, both Republican and Democrat are needed all across McHenry County. If you are interested, call the County Clerk’s Office.


Help Wanted – Election Judges – $140 Minimum — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Cal for posting this.

    According to Mary Lou at the County Clerk’s office we need 128 Republican Election judges for our county.

    I need 3 for Burton 3.

  2. Quinn just signed the law which allows for registration and voting on ELECTION DAY!!!!

    In addition the law REMOVES the requirement for picture ID use during early voting.

    If you want to have a POSITIVE impact on the election this fall, you will work diligently to find HONEST people with the ability to THINK and react for the job of ELECTION JUDGES.

    You do NOT have to live in the precinct for which you are serving as an election judge!

  3. Thanks Cautious Voter for that information.

    In Burton 3 there are two very liberal democrat election judges.

    We need good Republican election judges to ensure honest elections.

  4. Same day as election?

    Us judges won’t even have their names in the books or the electronic system…

    What will they do vote a provisional ballot?

  5. Joe: I hold the opinion that the changes which apply ONLY to the 2014 election has the potential to result in a lot of confusion.

    Based on my read of the law, the ballots will be treated like a PROVISIONAL ballot.

    I have heard news reports which just state that you can register and vote on the same day.

    This is true for GRACE PERIOD voting but in the past that was only permitted at the office of the McHenry County Clerk and was only permitted up to three days before election day.

    FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, GRACE PERIOD type of VOTING will be available on election day but ONLY at locations determined by the local election authority (in McHenry County this is the County Clerk).

    I suspect that in McHenry this will be restricted to the County Clerk’s office but you should check with her to confirm.

    You can read the entire bill here:

    My interpretation of the law as posted indicates that ballots cast as “Grace Period voting” (which applies to a ballot cast the same day as you register) are to be ONLY COUNTED AT THE MAIN ELECTION OFFICE AND NOT AT THE PRECINCT!

    I suspect that election judges had better be prepared to handle people who demand to register and vote on election day at any precinct.

    Hopefully this issue will be clarified by the County Clerk.

    It is probably fortunate that this confusion is being created this year instead of next year when we will have a new county clerk with zero election experience.

    I also noticed the following which is new:

    “An employer may not require an employee to use earned vacation time or any form of paid leave time to serve as an election judge”

  6. Thanks for the information Cautious Voter.

    I just spoke with the County Clerk’s office and they are still working out how the same day voter registration is going to work.

    Besides the extra day for early voting.

    People can cast votes on Sunday before election day in November.

    I also found out the deadline for finding Election judges is July 11th.

    Please consider being an election judge for my precinct-Burton 3 Cautious Voter!

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