Prim Does Not Challenge Harrison Petitions — 8 Comments

  1. Why would anyone even bother to challenge anyone of such little importance.

    Self absorbed Harrison calls himself being on the ballot ” an historic event” his own words.

    I think the outcome of the election will be a historic event alright.

    That is when people elect a true Republican Bill Prim.

    Prim has education,experience,background and the TRUE desire to change the Sheriff’s department for the citizens of McHenry County.

    Most of all no Nygren ties.

  2. Harrison did what most Attorneys do, up the bill to check it out.

    He sure knows how to spend money and paid people to walk for him.

    Imagine what he would do for the Sheriff’s Dept.

  3. When I represented Bob Anderson who filed 13,000 signatures to get township abolition on the ballot in 1994, the townships had assembled probably around 100 people to work for five days with the (then new) computers to check the signatures.

    It would have been an enormous effort for Prim to have done this and would probably have to be paid for by the Party as he is their candidate, so by not challenging the signatures and stepping up to the election contest like a man, Bill has saved us all a lot of money and time.

  4. It shows that Prim is for the people and transparency.

    Mr. Harrison is for himself.

    Thanks Mr. Prim for saving the tax payers money.

  5. Anotherwatcher…….. You are right about Harrison spending money.

    After reading the article Happy Trails mentioned it seems as though Harrison wasn’t going to give back an overcharge of over $16,000.00, well not until he got caught.

    Get finance degree he has.

    and that land deal??????????

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