Independence Day

This is where our country began.

Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Independence Hall.

Even though they had a weather vane, the Founding Fathers didn’t try to see which way the wind was blowing.

They didn’t  create our country by taking polls.

The weather vane on Independence Hall.

Had they done that, we probably would be British subjects.

Most people are disengaged form the political process.  (Evidence: 16% voted in the primary elections.)

They care more about security than about freedom.

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Here is a piece by Warner Todd Huston about the history of the Declaration of Independence.


Independence Day — 5 Comments

  1. People don’t vote because our representatives do not listen to the people but vote for lobbyists and companies.

  2. That is why people SHOULD be voting, Karma.

    So elected officials know that they have people that they will have to answer to if they want to be elected again.

    They vote for lobbyist and companies now because they get shmoozed and kick backs and why not??

    Nobody is holding them accountable.

    Nobody is voting.

  3. The fact that Liberals in the education industry have convinced the young people that their vote doesn’t matter due to the Electoral College plays a large part as well.

  4. Karma, that’s a vicious circle, because as people disengage from the political process then as a ratio there becomes more special interests to citizens.

    That’s why I tell cynical people who have given up to vote.

    By not voting, all they are doing is rubberstamping every thing they disagree with.

  5. Celebrating our Independence from England.


    Can’t wait until we can celebrate our “Independence” from corruption and the “Regime” …lol…

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