Tribune Gives Credit to Junior College Critic, Jeers to Quid Pro Quo President

Adam Andrzejewski, one conservative candidate for governor among too many in the 2010 Republican Party Primary, founded For the Good of Illinois after his loss.


Robert Breuder

That organization is dedicated to transparency of government records.

His latest revelation involved emails from the President of the College of DuPage to his board members discussing how inviting Governor Pat Quinn to be the Commencement speaker might lead to the release of $20 million of construction money.

No matter that there was no agreed upon building.

Today, the Tribune editorial board spanked President Robert Breuder.

Dod Trib Edt Pres Spanking 7-7-14

The Tribune editorial that spanked College of DuPage President Robert Brueder.

The Tribune notes that Andrzejewski was questioning “the college’s spending habits.”

The answer is new board members that have concern for local (and state) taxpayers.

COD Bd member Hamilton

Kathy Hamilton

Fortunately, there is a beachhead.

Her name is Kathy Hamilton and somehow she got elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The filing dates for next spring’s elections for junior college, school, park and municipal boards is coming up. The time to be thinking about running is now.

If you are interested in the background, here it is:

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For those interested in how Andzejewski did in the 2010 primary, he was 44.497 votes behind Bill Brady, the winner.  Had Dan Proft not run, Andrzejewski might have been the GOP candidate. Here are the results:

2010 Primary Election results.

2010 Primary Election results.

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