What’s Happening with Scott Milliman’s Wrongful Termination Suit against Keith Nygren?

Here’s an update on what’s going on with former McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman’s wrongful termination suit against Sheriff Keith Nygren, Undersheriff Andy Zinke, Commander John Miller, Lt. Ken Nielsen, Sgt. Steven Schmitt and McHenry County.

It was filed jointly on May 29, 2014, by Milliman attorney Thomas Crooks and Nygren attorney James Sotos’ associate Amy Engerman.

Milliman + Crooks

Thomas Crooks and Scott Milliman

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The “unrelated case” mentioned is that of former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler.

Among the 10,000 pages of documents exchanged are those related to

  • bribery schemes
  • fraudulent transactions
  • retaliation against other employees
  • general corruption at the Sheriff’s Department

As of the end of May, neither Nygren nor Zinke had been deposed. Miller, Nielsen and Schmitt had given depositions. Six other depositions have been taken out of a planned twenty.

Nygren’s defense team plan to depose six to ten people.

At the time this document was filed, Milliman was still waiting on documents subpoenaed regarding “his assertions of undercover work and cooperation” with the following Federal agencies:

  • the FBI
  • the U.S. Attorney
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement


What’s Happening with Scott Milliman’s Wrongful Termination Suit against Keith Nygren? — 9 Comments

  1. Gosh where are FBI agents Craig and Casey AKA Meathead?

    Whatsa matter guys not enough strength to sweep up all of that over buttered popcorn at the Rockford FBI office?

    Hey, another movie will be coming out called “The Regimes Enforcers the FBI and Corruption McHenry County Style” It’s going to be a block buster! I like that…lol…

    Sure hope you two are up for some publicity.

    Surely, the fine folks of McHenry County want to hear what you have to say…

  2. What is wrong with the McHenry County Board ?….

    Sieplers case costed the County $900,000 in attorney fees ?

    Come on, wake up County Board.

    The longer time you allow Nygren to use tax dollars for the lawyers for actions caused by Nygren, the more $ this County is going to lose.

    Give Milliman back his job that is rightfully owed to him, and his back pay and move on.

  3. “Facts” The tax payers ultimately end up paying for Nygrens temper tantrums.

    He has deep pockets because everyone in McHenry County pay his legal fees with their hard earned tax dollars.

    McHenry County has the 25th highest property taxes in the entire country.

    Further, Nygren doesn’t like to admit when he is wrong…

  4. Cal,

    How many lawsuits has Mr. Milliman filed in the past 15 years against anybody?

    If it’s more than 2…..I think there may be a problem with Mr. Milliman.

    I’m no fan of Nygren and his thuggish clan and I’ve made that clear on this blog, but facts are facts.

    Lawsuits are driving our country into the ground.

  5. Calling McHenry County Board members.

    What is your excuse for allowing Nygren to continue throwing those courtroom temper tantrums?

    That includes you Paula Yenson.

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