Commuters Skip Park & Ride Lot

Park & Ride location Rt 31 + VA St Rd

The Park & Ride lot is south of the intersection of what this map labels as S. Virginia Road and Route 31.

Two years ago the Park and Ride facility at the corner of Virginia Street Road and Route 31 was announced.

Virginia Street Road used to enter Route 31 on a diagonal, hooking up with Klasen Road. Then Virginia Street Road was moved a bit to the north.  The second time around resulted in what one sees now.

That left a roughly triangular parcel that was empty.

Perfect for McHenry County’s first Park and Ride facility planners thought.

I drove by the newly-dedicated parking lot mid-day the Tuesday after the 4th of July Weekend to see how it was doing.

Not so well, it seems.

There were only three cars in the lot.

Park + Ride 3 cars with empty spaces 7-8-14

Only three cars were in the Park & Ride lot at the intersection of Route 31 and Virginia Street Road at eleven o’clock on July 8, 2014.

So much for it existence leading to taking a fair number of cars off the road.


Commuters Skip Park & Ride Lot — 6 Comments

  1. But look at all the Local 150 jobs it created.

    At the end of the day, they pay the most money to our local politicians and are rewarded with boondoggle projects like this.

  2. This lot is really strange — I don’t really get the strategic thought behind it. Its just not in a good location for a park & ride lot. It is really odd.

    BTW – when is the bypass supposed to be done? Its sure looking close.

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