Maybe the Chinese Would Buy Lakewood’s Golf Courses

The Chicago Tribune ran an article about Chinese investors buying high end golf courses in the Western United States.

Red Tail Golf Course

Red Tail Golf Course

Got me to thinking that maybe the two golf courses in Lakewood–one owned by the taxpayers, the other privately owned–might think about marketing themselves to the multi-millionaires writing checks out there.

Local clubs could be marketed to Chinese visiting Chicago.

In 2007 young Chinese political leaders took the train to and from Crystal Lake,

In 2007 young Chinese political leaders took the train to and from Crystal Lake,

Just a train and bus ride away.

In June of 2007, I hosted a group of young Chinese political leaders.

First, we went to the Gala.

That’s where I found out about the interest of upper class Chinese in golf clubs.

While some were taking Skinner (no relation) Carnival Rides, others asked if there were a golf course nearby.

I pointed them toward Country Club Road and they walked to see the Crystal Lake Country Club.

Later, I was fascinated by their interest in a townhouse subdivision on Route 47 that has now had its models leveled.

They were fascinated by the unlandscaped drainage pond out back,

They took photos of themselves with the water in the background from both a second floor bedroom and the edge of the pond.

If you are interested, you can read about their visit to McHenry County in the articles below:


Maybe the Chinese Would Buy Lakewood’s Golf Courses — 6 Comments

  1. The Chinese laugh at the U.S..

    For all you people know, this could have been the original central party recon team, for the current cyber war with China.

    Besides continually attacking power grid and other critical infrastructure, what do you suppose the Chinese have stolen in dollars value of technology?

    Isn’t it now the Billions?

    I’m quite sure idiot Illinois Taxpayers would wave back, even if they found out they subsidized this incursion.

    In the meantime the Chinese will be able to buy those golf course mistakes, with all those ill gotten tech gains.

  2. The Chinese only paid $1.5 million for Chalet Hills, which is not only a nicer course than RedTail, it has a beautiful clubhouse that probably originally cost more than $1.5 million.

    Every year Lakewood continues to own RedTail is another year it declines in market value.

  3. The Americans like to use wars when the Chinese who are rich from all of our outsourcing in our quest to find cheaper products take over our land by buying it.

    The Spanish people from Mexico and Central America used our stupidity to come here and satisfy our needs for cheap labor to the extent that they will overwhelm us and take over that way.

    Sometimes being cheap and getting things for the lowest price is a detriment.

    We use Chinese steel which is not as good as US steel.

    We don’t see that if we bought American it might cost more but those workers would pay taxes here, support social security and medicare and spend their dollars in this country.

    Wake up America. Put import taxes on foreign items and make it harder for US companies to move overseas to avoid US taxes.

    If a Chinese company wants to buy here make them pay a premium. This globalization doesn’t work. Look at how planes can’t even fly over Ukraine now.

    Don’t sell out America for the lowest buck.

  4. Senator Althof should have been there to greet her fellow Reds!

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