The Dirty Trick Book of Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Jack Franks wants to win at any cost.

I sympathized with State Rep. Jack Franks when he told me that someone had put up an anti-semitic sign on Route 31 during one of his early campaigns.

Now, I learn that his supporters did dirty trick robo-calls during his 2000 against Dr. Tom Salvi.

In the Crystal Lake area, people were told that Salvi was an ally of the NRA.

In Hebron, those called received the message that Salvi was against guns.

In 2008, there was a bogus complaint against Republican opponent John O’Neill to the Illinois State Board of Elections by a Franks’ supporter.

At the end of the campaign, an anonymous group called  “McHenry County Committee for Qualified Candidates (MCQC)” distributed the literature you see below:

This smear piece hit mail boxes Thursday. I don’t know about you, but the quotes from the two Heralds appear to be from letters to the editor from Jack Franks supporters.

I checked with both the Illinois State Board of Elections and the McHenry County Clerk and no such entity has filed as a political action committee.

So if anyone was in trouble with the State Board of Elections, it’s this anonymous “pop-up” committee.

Similar charges were made by a McHenry Grade School Board opponent when homeschooling Dad John O’Neil ran his first successful campaign.

And, now we are in 2014 with Republican Steve Reick running against Jack Franks.

Franks, with plenty of money in his campaign treasury, has apparently hired young people to knock on doors on his behalf.

I have reports from three reliable sources, two who talked to people in Johnsburg and one who had his door knocked on in Woodstock.

The one in Woodstock, Zane Seipler, even Facebooked part of the encounter.

In all three instances, a young man described Reick as a supporter of partial birth abortion, was a supporter of higher taxes and opposed term limits.

Of course, the Pro-Life Victory PAC gave $1,000 to Reick last fall.
Pro-Life Victory PAC Contributions to Reick + McSweeneyAnd, Reick spoke to the group at its Pig Roast fund raiser at the end of June.

So, the young men were outright lying.

Here’s what Seipler wrote on his Facebook page:

Zane Franks worker interchange


The Dirty Trick Book of Jack Franks — 12 Comments

  1. Those Democrats will do anything to win……… # Franks # Harrison

  2. Yes, when Jack goes tumbling down that hill with that pail full of……it’s going to be a real shocker to the people of McHenry County.

  3. Democrats will do anything to win but lets see IF they win.

    It’s hard to tell what people are now a days.

    People run on any party JUST to win.

    At least we know who the REAL republicans are.

  4. No doubt the same door knockers for Franks were walking with him on Sunday at the Fiesta Days parade.

  5. The fact is: No one respects Jack Franks as a human being, but all the politicos respect his kniving success.

    He is respected for his destruction of others in his pursuit of his own political success.

    Politicos call that “success”.

    America’s political future is collapsing from this revolting behavior.


  6. Franks must go.

    He loves to masquerade as a Catholic …. mugging for all those photo ops at a Marian Cen. event or sending Jack Franks emblazoned school supplies to the Johnsburg parochial elementary school …….. but when Jacko is ID’d as Jewish ….he whines it’s not fair and anti-Semitic.

    He plays the jewish card expertly and has had good teachers ……

    Franks is a phony faker ……. some fine day he’ll have to face the music for his countless deceptions.

    A day of reckoning if you will.

  7. Jack is a reactionary political pantywaist who not only can’t take it but he can’t even dish it out.

    If he didn’t have Bernie’s bucks and Madigans brains Jack would be a country attorney instead of a wanna be statewide office holder.

    The other reality is Jack is excellent at keeping most of the McHenry County voters passive and voting for him.

    He strikes the perfect balance of empty headed Madigan lackey and affable doof country legislator.

    Just enough boot licking to get state money for roads and just enough credibility at home to fool the sheep into voting for him.

    John O’Neil was Jacks greatest threat to date and Jack couldn’t even mount an intelligent hit piece.

    With a little money John, with his clear advantage in volunteers, would have been a truly intelligent legislator after dismantling Jack easily.



    No one is worried about Jack.

    The question is whether Republicans can find another candidate like John and will they support him financially this time.

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