The County Board Districts Jack Franks Wants

When Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks sent his letter requesting advisory referendums to McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hills, he included suggestions for single-member County Board districts.

First, let’s take a look at the letter, sent in early June, then the maps.

The letter asking for advisory referendums that State Rep. Jack Franks sent to Tina Hill,

The letter asking for advisory referendums that State Rep. Jack Franks sent to Tina Hill,

Franks suggests that fewer County Board members would reduce the cost of county government.

That would be true only if the remaining County Board members did not receive higher salaries.

Franks claims his proposal would “greatly reduce the cost of county government” without providing any numbers.

It should be noted that salaries for County Board members is a very, very small part of the county budget.

Franks also points out that levies have increased for local governments, but that the County Board “has held the line on property tax increases.”

What he does not mention is that he has not written letters to local school districts who have increased their tax takes.

Note that Franks also mentions his consolidation of governments commission.  The only impact it might have in McHenry County would be having Nunda and Richmond Townships take over their cemetery districts.  Read the article here.

Here are the maps for County Board Districts he suggested:

Jack Franks' third suggestion for single-member districts.

Jack Franks’ third suggestion for single-member districts.


The County Board Districts Jack Franks Wants — 9 Comments

  1. Franks and all the rest of the Springfield rabble, would first have to explain to me why, they need $70 K per year plus that idiotic $10 K for being on one of those useless committees.

    If any of these chiselers want to start babbling about the cost of Gov., let’s start there.

    My Texas Reps in Dallas where I live half of the year, get a whopping $7200 per year.

    If Texas were a stand alone country, in GDP it would be in the top 15 in the world, so it’s not like they don’t have a lot on their plate.

    The difference between Tx. and Il. is the last time Pols here suggested a raise, they were almost tarred and feathered.

    In Il. the lemmings just do as their told.

  2. I guess Jack worry’s more about county board than the state.

    Its not a bad thing but the state is in worse shape than McHenry county.

    When Jack 1st ran he was in favor of term limits and less spending at the state level.

  3. Cal:

    Single member districts would reduce the cost of campaigning and negate the power of the County insiders (read: Trial Lawyers and contractors)to control the Board, as they do now.

    This would lead to more competitive elections and more turnover on the Board, which is the definition of representative democracy.

    Franks’ proposed districts should be looked at with a jaundiced eye, though.

  4. Cal, you mistakenly forget that the board votes itself raises.

    Do you really think the board would have the audacity to raise their salary at a time when IL is struggling?

    It would be a political blow to every single yea vote.

  5. On the outside I would be in favor of a reduced county board number but I need to know much more detail about the subject.

    But I totally agree that Franks has left out the most important portion of our tax bill and that is the never ending spend without results from the public school system.

    And the millions that could be saved by combining small districts.

    In Marengo, small little Marengo we have three school districts..

    Three of everything for 6,000 people..estimated saving over 3.5 million..its crazy.

    But Franks has been a Union supporter.

  6. Once Madigan/Franks buy the County chair at-large, 16 members would be easier to buy/control than 24…

    Does anyone really believe Jack Franks is concerned with a more efficient/cost effective McHenry County board?

  7. While you are distracted with yet another issue that does absolutely nothing to make government more efficient, the Board is working on the Agenda 21 Unified Development Ordinance and few people are paying attention!!

    In addition the MCDOT is planning to build a $5,000,000 salt storage dome in Crystal Lake!

    From the recently approved Transportation Plan: “This funding is for the purchase/construction of a Regional Salt Storage facility for the Division of Transportation. This will provide capacity to store salt for winter use providing more cost effective and efficient winter operations”.

    When property taxes are way too high, it is not time to building stuff we can do quite well without!!!

    The County Board is becoming more and more like D.C. — keep people distracted with issues that do nothing to decrease the size of government spending!!

    Reducing Board size will do nothing to reduce the cost of McHenry County government.

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