Salgado Names GOP Central Committee Coordinator

Sandy Salgado and Amy Bozza

Sandy Salgado and Amy Bozza

Sandra Salgado, Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, took the opportunity of Monday’s Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting to announce the appointment of Woodstock’s Amy Bozza as Central Committee Coordinator.

Alg Twp GOP 7-28-14

The Algonquin Township Central Committee had a quorum, plus visitors, in attendance.

She will presumably perform some of the duties that Executive Director Geri Davis provided for former administrations.

Salgado also said she has gotten reports that some Republican Precinct Committeemen are not working for the Republican Party candidates.

She said that there would be challenges to them in the next primary election.


Salgado Names GOP Central Committee Coordinator — 9 Comments

  1. I continue to be impressed, and grateful, for the talent and leadership in the new Central Committee! If these two ladies are the face of things to come in November, Wow!

  2. Republican committeemen not working for the Republican candidates?

    Sounds like some may not be true Republicans.

    Are they flip flopping.what is going on with that?

  3. It is the job of Republican PC’s to support and walk for Republican candidates….If they work for any other party….time for them to go… is that simple…

  4. The Millers of Algonquin Township showed their true liberal colors in the Founders Day parade by proudly posting the campaign sign of a Democrat on their truck.

    Why was Bob Miller at the meeting?

    He is not listed as a Republican committeeman.

    Was he there to stop / listen to discussion relative to his posting the Democrat’s campaign sign on his truck?

    Reminder: Mr. Miller is the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

    His spouse is a County Board member and works for her hubby at the Township.

    Between the two of them the McHenry County taxpayers provide them a nice annual income well in excess of $200,000 PLUS benefits!

    Mrs. Miller is also the Chairman of the McHenry County Transportation Committee which is embroiled in the fiasco call the Algonquin CFI.

  5. Someone please inform Geri DAvis that she is NO LONGER THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in McHenry County.

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