Oakwood Hills Cancels August 7th Board Meeting Because of “Personal Threats”

The crowd after the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting adjourned were not happy.

The crowd after the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting adjourned were not happy.

The web site of the Village of Oakwood Hills announces that the next meeting of the Village Board has been cancelled because of threats to Village Board members.

OH Meeting Canceled 8-7-14

‘Due to personal threats to Board members and threats to prevent the conducting of business at the scheduled Village Board meeting for August 7, 2014 at 6:30 PM the meeting has been CANCELLED,” the announcement reads.


Oakwood Hills Cancels August 7th Board Meeting Because of “Personal Threats” — 18 Comments

  1. Remember people, power in numbers.

    Threats, you lose, they win…

    Take em to the cleaners by way of the courtroom.

    Though, we don’t even know if there is any truth to the allegation of threats.

    You have social media on your side.

    Now, be proactive and make a plan.

    Continue to get the word out and fight for what belongs to you..


    How about those financials?

    Who is benefitting from this project?

    You have the right to have full disclosure and transparency in Government.

    Remember the Mercy Hospital deal?

    They caught someone changing a vote and taking a bribe, in exchange for giving the green light to the project.

    They were caught on a federal wire and their plans were quashed.

    Now, now, Board members, there better not be any false allegations floating around.

    Further, our government is about “We the People’ it is not about “We the Board Members’

    You are there to serve the community.

  2. If they’re closed for business I hope that means that there will be no communication with Northland and Enventure.

    Yes there were some very angry people at the zoning meetings, name calling, yelling, asking for resignation, but threats of bodily harm??

    I’m not buying it

  3. It is possible that the charges are made up as a way of retaliating against those that don’t want the power plant.

    We have been witness to the retaliation of whistle blowers and other people.

    Simply, because they stood up for their rights and the truth…

    Many people in our county have faced false criminal allegations, false arrest, false prosecution and false conviction…

    There will be no more of that.

    Go get em guys!

  4. It takes time to brief new attorneys!!!

    Any connection between the political hierarchy in Oakwood Hills and other McHenry County elected officials?

    The attitude of ignoring the public as displayed in McHenry County is as pervasive as elsewhere in the country.

    There is a good political reason the courts turned down the term limits referendum in Illinois!!

  5. The term limits amendment would apply only to state legislators.

  6. The political hierarchy of Oakwood Hills and McHenry County is connected.

    They have done business with each other in one way or another…..T

    hat does mean to say they all partake in the corruption game.

    So let’s be careful here…

    However, corruption in McHenry County is rampant and real.

    Who would ever guessed that we have organized crime operating within reach of our homes?

    The proposal of this power plant is ridiculous.

    Clearly, the ones benefitting are not that tax payers….

    Anything that would affect the value of so many homes is not in the best interest of the community.

    Read this true life crime story on corruption and organized crime in McHenry County.

  7. Remember, when the the government tried to take the land from the Bundy’s?

    Their supporters stood their ground and won against the Federal Government.

    They had people from all over the United States traveling to the Bundy Ranch to support their cause.

    No guns people.

    However, you can stand your ground.

    Let the cause gain momentum and get the word out.

    You will win this.

    However, that is not going to happen if people choose to stay at home and do nothing to make their voices heard………

  8. I’ve been told Chicago gangsters ate at the Czecho Lodge (where Walgreens is located across from the Crystal Lake Plaza) and Haznow’s east of Dole Avenue on Route 14 on the way to Lake Geneva.

    The coin operating machines in the county were controlled by Louie Cernocky, based in Fox River Grove. Black Joe Amato was sent out by Capone to make sure he got his cut.

    The administrator of the County Nursing Home, Howard Nehlig, told me the top floor of the old three story brick “poor farm” was used to patch up gangland victims.

    So, don’t assume organized crime hasn’t been around McHenry County a long time.

  9. The people fighting this plant need to find out if the local 150 gets to work on this project…

    The tax payers should be provided full disclosure of financials…

    Cal has really important information..

  10. Hundreds of people were told by the leader of the board at the August [July?] 24th meeting that they should return on the August [July?] 31st meeting where they’d be given plenty of time to voice more of their concerns about the power plant.

    During the week the power plant proposers told the board that they wanted a continuance to address the concerns already presented by citizens at the August 24th meeting.

    The board made the illogical choice to start the August 31st meeting by voting to allow the continuance.

    The obviously logical choice would have been to allow those additional people who wanted to express their concerns to speak.

    After all, if the proposers really want to address everybody’s concerns shouldn’t they get a chance to hear them all?

    Why did the board act illogically and thereby lie to the people at the meeting on the 24th? Just because they granted a continuance there was no logical reason not to let the people they promised could speak do so.

    This board has no problem at all lying to their constituents.

    Are they lying about threats being made too?

    No one can say for sure, but based upon recent history there is no reason to believe they are telling the truth.

  11. It’s going to take the community to overcome corruption.

    It has been a long haul for so many, who have played such a huge part of the crusade for change.

    Everyday, we have more and more people listening to the voices of the crusaders in the fight against corruption.

    “Knowledge is Power”

    We can disable the Mafia and organized crime permanently in our community, by changing the leadership.

    That means bringing in Bill Prim, who has a zero tolerance policy on organized crime.

    He will run em out town and they will no longer be able to operate here without consequences.

  12. There are so many people losing sleep and awakening their ulcers and anxiety over the potential development of a power plant.

    The village president fuels the fire every chance she gets and claims to be neutral.

    I don’t see how this is something anyone nearby can be neutral about.

    Funk is reading the Facebook page that opposes the power plant (and her ) and imagining threats.

    Should be interesting to see what the crack police force comes up with.

    Funk can’t lead ants to a picnic

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