Pizza for Sheriff’s Deputies

I’m remembering that State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was criticized in his re-election campaign of 2008 for paying for take-out meals for staff members who worked past dinner time.

Now, as a result of a tip from a friend of McHenry County Blog, receipts have been unearthed via a Freedom of Information request of pizza being bought for Sheriff’s Deputies on three occasions.

The details of the purchases can be seen (click to image to enlarge it) in the reimbursement requests below:

Sheriff Pizza Receipt 11-6-14Sheriff Pizza Receipt 4-25-14Sheriff Pizza Receipt 7-22-14


Pizza for Sheriff’s Deputies — 27 Comments

  1. This should never have been allowed.

    If anything the Lt. should have bought the pizzas for his team.

    Who approves this type of spending???

    Remember when it was disclosed that the jail ordered speakers and sound systems etc. for the prisoners.

    I wonder who took those home because they weren’t in the jail that the tax payers paid for.

    Things have to be transparent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Surprised it wasn’t caviar and roast duckling …….

    Well, we know the pizzaz didn’t make it to a Zinke victory celebration.

  3. You work through dinner, the office buys you pizza.

    It’s not caviar & roast duckling or anything close.

    It’s astounding how folks want to make a mountain out of a mole hill… Anthill?

    No hill at all?

  4. Heh, heh …. yeah right, Joe. It’s so easy to be generous when others must pay the bills.

  5. I guess you were not one of those criticizing State’s Attorney Bianchi for doing something similar then, Joe.

  6. Should not be allowed with tax dollars!

    Interesting data…
    4 pizza’s & 2 x 2L of pop for 5 people.
    3 pizza’s & 2 x 2L of pop for 7 people.
    5 pizza’s & 4 x 2L of pop for 14 people.

  7. Is there no end?

    I bet all of the other county departments are doing the same thing since these guys were able to get away with it.

    For 40 years with a very successful company I don’t remember them buying me a meal just because I was working late or working a holiday job.

    This was very common.

    I remember getting a period of time I could go buy my own lunch.

  8. Gee I remember working late and saying,’Lets all chip in for a pizza.

  9. Well I’ll say it again.

    With the size and potential scope of municipalities, why does the county have to have it’s own police force.

    Is it to guard those fifty or so farm houses not within the reach of muni’s?

    Or are we planning an invasion of Lake County someday?

  10. Look, when the private sector started cutting back on percs and benefits, including pensions ….way back in mid-70s, the gov’t sector didn’t …… far from it, the benefits were increasedover the years …… even after the IL industrial sector vanished.

    Yeah, it’s just a pizza .. or a few of ’em …..yeah, so what ….. but I’m sure those pizza-eaters wanted overtime, right?

    Well, it all adds up ….. and I’m sick and tired of shelling out for it …..

    What late-stayers in the private sector has ZERO to do with this.

  11. Worse yet ‘Winter’, when JL Steel (the old Youngstown Sheet & Tube for those old South Sider’s out there) walked on my Dad’s pension after 35 years service, you know what he got?

    $137.00 per month.

    Overpromised pensions are way bust and do you think those chiselers in Springfield will do what a Private Sector Co. had to do because of those overpromised 60’s union deals?

    No way!

    just watch the idiocy they come up with to keep those of us not on the dole from storming the Capital.

  12. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?????!!!!!!!




  13. Comments are easier to read if they are not all in upper case type.

  14. This is Pizzagate!

    It’ll stick to Zinke and Nygren like tomato paste!

    The mozzarellishing issie is their disregard to the taxpayer!

    These prickly hams are going to be BBQ roasted Hawaiian style.

    Their audacity to through dough around and buy lunch drives me doNUTS!

  15. Investigatin’ a “death” eh?

    Were they investigating the extinction of the Illinois taxpaying serfs?

  16. Keep hunting the snipe and the big game will coast right by you…..

  17. Jeff Thorsen’s comment is the most sensible and cogent one on at least this thread.

  18. Nygren is a fool

    Zinke is an idiot

    The verdict is still out on popovits

    But geez, c’mon Cal….. It’s pizza!

    Not like it’s beer, strippers, and cocaine

    The only thing they could have done differently is save money by buying the hot and readys at little Cesar’s

  19. This is not corruption.

    It is not specifically forbidden.

    It is entitlement.

    People who work on the public dime have zero shame anymore.

    People on the public dole have generations of infantile entitlement.

    It is offensive to those who pay for their meal while deciding which items to delete from their personal grocery list due to tax increases and wage decreases but this is not corruption.

    We cannot expect entitled people who have behaved a certain way their whole career to change because we wish it.

    Work to abolish public unions, elect solid servant leaders and watch the corporate culture change over twenty years.

  20. I find myself agreeing with Priest more and more as time goes on.

    But you forgot to mention that it is immoral. (Or maybe you did with the mention of having no shame.)

  21. Seriously…T

    he practice of feeding Deputies and States Attorney’s working late, away from their families” should always be the practice PEIROD.

    These people are sometimes called in and or work late for us.

    “Pizza & Soda”

    Lets HANG them all for working late and eating Pizza!

    After all, Pizza has got to be better than a home cooked meal and family time.

  22. The “seriously – geez” people will never get it.

    They don’t understand personal integrity and never will.

    This is exactly how the world spun out of control.

  23. Heh, heh ….. suffering taxpaying serfs aren’t Capt. Queegs …obsessing over strawberries/pizzas ……. these pizzas are just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I’ve had w/ our precious public ‘servant’ darlings.

  24. Mark, once upon a time, when the government knew its place in civil American society, the people who worked in government made solid lower middle class wages while remembering to serve those who paid their wages.

    Today these same government workers are solidly in the aristocracy level of earnings in our society while completely forgetting the servant part of “civil servant”.

    The pizza is offensive not in the specific but taken in the whole.

    Taxpayers are overtaxed, under(or un)employed, have taken pay cuts for longer hours if they are employed, are up nights fretting over budgets while Obama plays golf and tells them “you didn’t build that” and then we see the entitled babies get another perk on our dime. Read your history Mark.

    This isn’t new.

    Eventually The People get tired of the servant acting like the master of our manor and the servant is made an example of in front of everyone.

    No one cares about pizza.

    We care about these, among many, idiot public employees being so insensitive to the world around them they actually believe they deserve the pizza while the rest of us work late and get the honor of being asked to work later and starve to pay for their pizza.

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