Herb Franks Shows Sense of Humor in Celebration of 50 Years as a Lawyer

When I was McHenry County Treasurer in the late 1960’s, a young attorney who started practicing in 1964 named Herb Franks asked me to explain the tax sale process.  I did and he became an active participant learning how to perfect deeds.

I remember his having paid numerous overdue tax bills from Wonder Lake lots.  Later I wondered if that was the start of the Marengo man’s interest in the community, which led to his Wonder Lake State Bank.

While is given name is "Herbet Hoover," Herb Franks decided to put his head on the famous Lincoln Monument, an Illinois politician.

While is given name is “Herbert Hoover,” Herb Franks decided to put his head on the famous Lincoln Monument, an Illinois politician.

Friday night, Donley’s in Union was the site of a celebration of his success in the legal field.

There were numerous dignitaries present to honor Herbert Hoover Franks.

Those speaking at Herb Frank's celebration.

Those speaking at Herb Frank’s celebration.

There were two Supreme Court Justices:

  • Anne Burke
  • Thomas Kilbride

Three lower judges came:

  • McHenry County Circuit Court Judge Michael Caldwell
  • Appellate Judge Richard Goldenhersh from the Judicial District that includes East St. Louis
  • Appellate Judge Mary Schostock of our own District

There were two statewide office holders:

  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan
  • Lt. Governor Sheila Simon (a last minute attendee apparently, because her name is not on the program)

There were two former Presidents of the Illinois State Bar Association:

  • Tom Eaton
  • Paula Holderman

Finally, a special guest, radio and TV personality Mancow Muller attended.

There were others, of course, but their names weren’t on the program I was given.

Finally, take a look at how Franks’ categorization of various priced tickets:

  • $75 – Blagojecvich
  • $125 – Ryan
  • $250 – Walker
  • $500 – Kerner
Herb Franks showed his sense of humor in the names given various ticket price levels.

Herb Franks showed his sense of humor in the names given various ticket price levels. They are all named after convicted felons (although Governor Dan Walker’s conviction had nothing to do with his political career.)


Herb Franks Shows Sense of Humor in Celebration of 50 Years as a Lawyer — 10 Comments

  1. All the vultures came, I see.

    The swan song.

    But daddy Warbucks still has a few tricks up his sleeve ….. getting in his little baby into statewide office …. but does he have even have enough dough to accomplish that.

    Herbie would US Ambassador to Israel right now if he’d only just stayed put and didn’t jump ship for Lady MacBeth Hillary Clinton’s ‘sure thing’ demo presidential bid in ’08 …….. remember the big fanfare for Barack at the Franks’ Ranch the summer of ’07.

    Too bad for old Herbie….. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Hey Herbie,

    Can you tell little Jack to stop calling me with his automated calls and leaving campaign papers on my door?

    I’m not voting for him and for every additional call I get I will reach out to 5 of my registered voter friends and suggest they write Mickey Mouse in.

  3. Two state supreme court justices and the state attorney general are present at a function where donor levels are identified by crooked governors.

    What an insult to the people of the state.


    Just vulgar.

    Sense of humor indeed.

  4. What did the robo-call say?

    Would you please send the piece dropped at your door to me? (275 Meridian St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014)

  5. The $30K raised went to the Prairie State Legal Services fund- there were more Republicans in the room than Democrats by a long shot.

    It was a great night of kind things said about a man who has done a great deal for the Illinois Bar association and Legal trust fund.

    Jack has been elected 8 times….. get over it already.

    Even Pat Salvi was there.

  6. Cal,

    The robo call says (paraphrase)

    Hi, this is Jack franks. Sorry I missed you the other day’.

    At this point I vomit in my mouth a little and hang up. I’ve received at least 3 of these calls.

    One of them stated “Ill be walking in your neighborhood to hear your concerns”, so to give the man credit— he warned everyone that he was fixin to spew some rhetoric.

    He did a ding dong ditch routine.

    Rang the doorbell and by the time I got to the door he was stuffing his literature into my neighbors doorframe.

    I would love to send you the piece but I threw it away.

    The residents in my community I’ve talked to- many would otherwise be conservatives – love the guy.

    “He’s done so much for us”.

    Either their the most gullible people or they’re just plain goofy.


  7. Please Join our Roast Masters

    Supreme Court Justices Anne Burke and Thomas Kilbride

    Secretary of State Jesse White

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

    Commonwealth Edison CEO Anne Pramaggiore

    Judges Michael Caldwell, Richard Goldenhersh, and Mary Schostock

    Former ISBA Presidents Tim Eaton and Paula Holderman

    Special Guest Mancow Muller

    Welcome Attorney General Lisa Madigan

    For a Roast of Herbert Hoover Franks

    Benefiting Prairie State Legal Services

    August 8, 2014

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